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May 10

four findings.

if you create unconventional installations in public places you will forever etch a space into my heart. with that, i present you this amazing installation, ‘rain cloud’, by artist: stephanie imbeau.

and then there is Derick Melander–a crafty cat who created sculpture out of second-hand clothing. ooh-la-la.

i dare you not to be impressed with anna-wili highfield’s delicate paper bird sculptures.

and finally, homemade forts are always fascinating.

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  1. nemoDreamer Says:

    oh gol!!!
    i saw anna-wili highfield’s delicious paper birds in an INSANE installation by sibella court (author of “etcetera”, which you HAVE to buy!!!), called “Into the Lighthouse”, on display at the Athropologie in the Rockefeller Center, NY:“sibella+court”+”into+the+lighthouse”

    i took crappy pics & videos w/ my iphone, but wished i’d had more light… :(

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