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Sep 10

fragments & findings.

just when you thought fireflies couldn’t be any more romantic, german photographer Kristian Cvecek captures their winding passage through a forest with a sloooow shutter. magical. more photographs here.


if you haven’t watched this animated, real-life love story yet, pause everything and watch it now. your cynical, cold, black heart will thank you for it.


i have always loved chalkboards so this creative approach endeared itself to me instantly. may i present the faux fur board. no chalk dust. no need for an eraser. i want to make one immediately, or i want someone who has lots of extra euros lying around to buy one for me. housewarming present anyone?

in other news, if i was a chair, i’d want to be the turquoise one below.

on the same site where i found the fur board, i also spied these chairs/stools/beauties.

i think the description sums it up perfectly: Zanotta’s Allunaggio seat costumization, opening new possibilities for more interaction.


arcade fire’s new interactive music video wowed me. it helps to open it in google chrome. just type in your hometown, sit back and be prepared to be transported. i would love to know what you thought of this.


there is nothing like writing/drawing with a pencil. i bet this guy agrees.

ibai acevedo’s entire ‘dream‘ portfolio inspires me.


and finally, i’m typing all this up at our newly acquired dining table.

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  1. neysn Says:

    The Wilderness Downtown is INCREDIBLE. talk about thinking outside the box. Interaction 1 Consumption 0.

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