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Feb 11

fruit love. and other incoherence.

i love fruit a whole lot.

disclaimer: that above sentence is about as coherent as i’m going to get at 1:54 am after an entire day of working with a color-corrector on the soulpancake webisode footage. i have bleary eyes. and a bleary brain. so forgive me if i don’t get all Johann Wolfgang von Goethe deep here today. or actually, any day ever. ok. getting on with it…

right now our little kitchen contains bananas, mangoes, pears, apples, oranges and one well-past-its-due-date-lime. we also always have frozen berries on hand because you NEVER know when you are going to need a blueberry + yogurt + honey +  cashew parfait. mmm.

the other day i even made blackberry and pomegranate jam. from scratch. i love that our kitchen is so conducive to cooking and concocting.

i have fond memories of watching TV with my family after dinner and my mum cutting up a whole bunch of fruit and bringing it to us on a tray to share. it was such a lovely treat to have someone deal with peeling and cutting the fruit up. i’m going to definitely carry on the tradition of being the household fruit harbinger. i have no idea if that’s the correct usage of harbinger…and i’m too tired slash lazy slash scared-of-having-to-think-up-another-word-in-its-place, to look it up. sorry.

why am i raving about fruit? i’m not quite sure. but in conclusion, my favorite snack these days is sliced pears or granny smith apples with extra super sharp cheddar cheese.

and on a sort of related note, these DIY fruit stickers are pretty darn cute.

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3 comments on “fruit love. and other incoherence.”

  1. Mullica Says:

    My mom was the same way about fruit! I’m now the fruit cutter.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Would you please teach me how to prepare fresh mango? I tried once, and it baffled me.

  3. golriz Says:

    woohoo mullica! we totally must carry on the fruit cutter tradition.

    jennifer – watch this space. i’ll do a tutorial. i’m pretty proud of my fresh mango preparation and delivery method. :)

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