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Aug 10

furniture. and the finding of it.

5 minutes on craigslist and i’ve found all of these delights. something tells me furniture foraging in LA is going to be fun.

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2 comments on “furniture. and the finding of it.”

  1. Jade Says:

    Gorliz, I just read your story on Etsy Weddings, and you are Devon are so wonderful together. I loved, loved, LOVED your DIY wedding and your video was awesome. You two seem so amazing and sweet. Thank you for sharing that light =].

    Also, I am a San Fernando Valley Native, and yes, LA foraging is AMAZING!!!! Have fun, and remember — if the phone number isn’t on a Craigslist post, it’s probably not legit. =P Good finds so far, though! <3

  2. Jade Says:

    Oops, I’m sorry — typed too fast because I’m excited… You have a wonderful name, Golriz… =]

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