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Aug 10

gaga over google streetview

i think i’ve mentioned it before but i find google street view to be incredibly fascinating. there are lots of reasons i can get lost in the process of street-viewing a location – the sense of stillness, the strangers faces, the lonely streets captured early in the morning. the novelty of being able to ‘visit’ a location on the earth and ‘look around’ is not something that has worn off yet.

as we’ve been apartment hunting, i’ve become even more enamored with google street view. i can virtually scout around the neighborhood and get a very real sense of how close things are, whether there are established trees outside, whether the area seems ‘friendly’ etc.

these creative creatures staged montages for google street view, so if you go to this address on google maps [504 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA, United States], hit the little pin and then click ‘street view’. and now look around the corner, and you’ll see a marching band. awesome.

this capture is amazing too. and this one should win a prize.

and finally, i think we’re making the decision on our apartment today! we haven’t signed a lease yet, but here’s the street view of our potential future habitat!

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  1. Nina Says:

    Looks totally cute!!! :) Love all the posts you have been doing lately! xx

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