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Feb 11 UPDATE!

so…many of you were confused by the lack of pit in my step-by-step (oooh baby. gonna get to you grrrrl. sorry NKOTB flashback) how to prepare a mango photo montage. let me do my best to remedy the confusion.

1. there was a mango pit/seed involved. the mango i used was not some fantasy world genetically modified pitless mango.

2. i didn’t take a photo of the pit and that was WRONG. i’ve obviously not watched enough culinary prep shows to realize the importance of showing the whole fruit.

3. the reason i didn’t take a photo of the pit is because it was in my mouth and i was gnawing on it. the giant mango seed is actually my favorite part of the mango. the part where the mango meets the seed is so tasty and tart.

4. i tried finding a picture of a mango pit on flickr but the options were either a decayed mango, or a tropical island paradise called ‘the mango pit’. how inconvenient.

so i’ll leave you with this photo which has nothing to do with mangos but everything to do with the fact that this weekend i got to hang out with a friend i haven’t seen in OVER ten years. here’s sasha!

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3 comments on “ UPDATE!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve obviously been watching too much of the X-Files, which led me to believe in the possible existence of the pitless mango. I was beginning to fancy an elaborate government conspiracy. Thank you for returning me to my senses. :^)

    And thank you for the mango instructions! I’ll let you know when I give it a second try.

  2. bahiehk Says:

    which one is Sascha?

  3. golriz Says:

    sasha is the human. mogli is the name of the little adorable monster that he’s holding :)

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