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Feb 11

go. man. go.

the other day, lovely jennifer left a comment on my blog asking how i prepare mangoes, so…below is my six step procedure for preparing a mango. no big deal, just another riveting exposé in my adventures with FRUIT. :)

as i was cutting the lovely mango up with a very large, very sharp knife i was thinking how much more exciting this blog post would be if i sliced my hand open. i mean, exciting for you – the reader. more annoying/devastating for me. i’ve been known to be a bit too casual with knives. there was this one time when ash and i were craving oranges but were running late to the movies, so i took a giant knife with us in the car so i could slice up oranges on the way. ash wasn’t super impressed with the WEAPON sitting in the middle console of her mini cooper.

anyone else have another suggestion for how to cut up a mango? or crack open a coconut? or strip a fresh pineapple? feel free to share. i’m on a fruit frenzy.

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6 comments on “go. man. go.”

  1. Mullica Says:

    And now I know! I always murder mangoes. I always get anxiety trying to deal with the pit. It’s silly how much emotion I have with fruit.

  2. Asiyan Rahmani Says:

    When i was in Jamaica, they would stick an orange on a fork, then cut the peel off with a knife(like an apple), and youd then eat the orange on the fork. yummy :)

  3. lucia Says:

    do mangoes come pitless too then?? or am I just interpreting the photos wrong?

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Wow! It looks so simple (and delicious). :^) I think the one I tried had a pit, which took me by surprise, because it was very much wanting to cling to its pit and not release, whence I didn’t know what to do. So having only eaten dried mango previously, I attempted to cut it into strips. It didn’t like that either, because the peel didn’t want to turn loose.

    Did I mention it was slippery? And I had a sharp knife? (I was frightened for my extremities.)

    So, about these pitless mangoes…?

  5. Lauren Anvari Says:

    I totally cut up mangoes the same way!

    On a related note as per your request for other fruit cutting/dicing/slicing suggestions…I’m not sure if you have heard of this handy little gadget or not, but I present you with the Pineapple corer!!

    And a cheesy/fun video of someone demonstrating the technique:

    Pure Pineapple Heaven!

  6. Lauren Anvari Says:

    p.s. To save your fingers from those pesky knives:

    Although you’ll still have to brave them for the cubing part.

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