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Sep 10


we just heard the news that devon’s grandmother, carol, passed away a few hours ago. she was surrounded by her children and is cherished by an army of loving hearts all over the world.

we had tickets to fly back to tennessee on tuesday morning…which means we missed saying goodbye to her in person by two days. this is really tearing devon up. :(

she will be so greatly missed but i’m thankful she’s now free of pain and limitations.

i will always remember granny as effortlessly elegant, poised, resilient, beautiful, incredibly smart and funny.

this photo of her and devon from may 2009 is a tiny glimpse into her amazingness.

we already miss you granny.

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3 comments on “granny.”

  1. Ashley Says:


    Please pass on my condolences. I also lost my grandmother this year, and I was also not living near my family when it happened.
    That photo seems to say a lot about the kind of person she was. I love the look of awe she’s giving him :)

  2. TCase Says:

    Its always hard to be able to say “in a better place now” and believe it. But that statement is purely fact. “in a better place” is where she waits for her loved ones with open arms and smiles.

    Our deepest condolences to you all.

  3. mona Says:

    prayers for you all…

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