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Jan 11


supposedly i’m ‘stress-grinding’ my teeth at night. which is mysterious because dev has never heard me grind my teeth. and i don’t wake up with a sore jaw. but regardless, my dentist has instructed i wear a mouth guard. and now i have a reason to stress grind – wearing a mouth guard is awful. i’m dutifully following instructions, but i can see this being a one of those 6 weeks of good intentions fall to the wayside scenario.

i’m not sure exactly what is stressing me out, but it might have a little something to do with the fact that in one measly week, we are sending the Oprah Winfrey Network our final cuts of the SoulPancake webisodes. eeeeek. it’s pretty intensely awesome and simultaneously terrifying. the SP team has been hard at work – our entire weekend was eaten up by shooting creative stop motion interstitials. which, let’s face it, is a dream come true for me. give me a sharpie, string, cardboard and some lights and i’m reveling.

in efforts to de-stress i’ve started quasi-regular yoga classes, going for long meandering walks to no where in particular, and taking lots of photographs. i am lucky to also have a husband that makes me laugh constantly with his supermarket aisle impromptu dance parties, here’s a song i just wrote for you serenades, and enveloping hugs.

which reminds me, if you don’t envelop your loved ones in hugs then you are a half-hugger. and i have a low tolerance for half huggers.

where was i? oh yes. stress grinding. so there’s that. but i guess if having my dream job and meeting deadlines results in a smidgen of stress grinding i’m ok with it. post deadline i want a vacation however. :)

here’s a sneak peak into one of the stop motion segments we created. look familiar?

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4 comments on “grrrr.inding.”

  1. Gracia Says:

    I grind my teeth when I’m exhausted and restless at the same time. Weird but true. Like when we were planning the wedding and the caterer said they had double booked. Or when I’ve been working at 100% speed all day and then I get a call from the client saying they won’t be in the office until Monday and I could send the job whenever.
    And I hated so much my mouthguard that I’d put it on when I went to bed and then in the middle of the night, and without even waking up, I’d take it out and leave it lying around in the bed… which would amuse husband to no end :D I’ve now found an alternative, which is detecting when I’m going to have “one of those nights” and make sure I do something to relax and fall asleep. I hope you either like the mouth guard better than I did, or find an alternative solution!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I went through a tooth-grinding phase, too. It was just that, though – a phase. Hopefully yours will be passing as well. I hate nightguards. They make me drool and have freaky dreams that my teeth are turning loose and falling out.

  3. Mook Says:

    This made me cry with happiness, because I too, have a husband who does exactly this! Aren’t we lucky?

    “i am lucky to also have a husband that makes me laugh constantly with his supermarket aisle impromptu dance parties, here’s a song i just wrote for you serenades, and enveloping hugs.”

  4. mai-ling Says:

    i grind my teeth at night and i think it partially
    what caused my TMJ. Since my first bought with
    TMJ I am more aware of it. I still have issues.
    but I learned to not complete shut my
    jaw where the teeth meet and not chew too much.

    I also used to clench my jaw a lot, especially
    when I am concerting. I had get rid of that habit
    as well.

    They are all related.

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