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Jan 11

happy birthday shabster.

the #1 question that dev, shabs and i get at SoulPancake book signings and events is: “how did you guys all meet?” i’m sure that the people who ask this question are actually trying to figure out how we’re lucky enough to collaborate with their hero, dwight (a.k.a. rainn wilson), but we like to make them sit through the story of how the three of us all are connected as well, which according to devon, goes something like this “shabnam awesomely fell out of the sky…and then (points at me)… i married her”.

and that’s pretty close to the truth. shabs, an experienced journalist, editor, and a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting-sh*t-done, joined team SoulPancake in early 2009. her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. the site was being forced to go live because it needed to be up when Rainn was on Oprah, but… it had zero content. so shabs and devon pulled weeks of all-nighters as they created, crafted and scheduled content. since the day shabs jumped on board the SoulPancake rocketship she has been an integral part of the team. SoulPancake truly wouldn’t exist without her.

when we started writing the soulpancake book, dev and i camped out at shabs’ place for a week. we gathered together poster board and markers, books for inspiration and a stockpile of snacks (toe nuts anyone?) and then realized we had no idea where, or how, to start. it was pretty incredible that the three of us, one of which has never read a book cover to cover (ahem. dev), managed to somehow over the course of 9 months birth a book baby that is now a new york times bestseller. woot woot!

over the course of two years, i feel like shabs has become so much more than an invaluable colleague. she is a friend and a co-conspirator. in fact, she feels like family. we’ve shared moments of hilarity, stress, frustration, joy, hurt, disappointment, excitement, adventure and a lack of sleep. we’ve bonded and literally ‘banded’ together (that last reference is for all my persian ladies out there).

i’m so grateful for shabs on a daily basis. i’m so glad that the three of us work as such a cohesive, collaborative, consultative, team. and i’m so glad she shares my penchant for alliteration ;)

happy birthday shabsy.

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  1. Gloria Says:

    Nicely done Gol! have a great time celebrating her Birthday!

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