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Oct 10


i don’t really understand how hastags work, something about being able to filter searches on twitter?! but anyhow, i use them with wild abandon. lately, i’ve realized i have started to THINK in hashtags.

i’ll say stuff out loud and then want to hastag it. yes, this is a problem. yes, i know it’s nerdy. yes, you should count your blessings that you’re not as loopy as me. #heregoesnothing

+ laura lombardi’s jewelry collection. #yesplease

+ my outfits on rainy days consist of soft oversized, worn in, (usually mens) t-shirts with leggings. #falluniform

+ i love that blashter can walk to our place on a whim, armed with coffee and creamer. #neighbors

+ i’m hooked on the low messy buns with killer lashes look. #classic

+ everyone needs more polka dots in their lives. that’s why this tape is magic. #essential

+ could this dinner party setting be more perfect? not possible. #twinklylightsmakelifebetter

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