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Nov 10

hello halloween.

this year there was too much going on to properly jump into the halloween festivities. i didn’t even have a costume. oh wait. yes, i did. it was ‘sleep-deprived woman with mane of unruly hair on the verge of getting a cold’.

my friends however busted out some pretty impressive costumes. note: all photos shameless stolen off facebook.

here’s ash. quite possibly the prettiest ghost you’ll ever see.

next up is my sister from another mister, inee. she made this ENTIRE costume from scratch. and we all know how much of a sucker i am for animal masks.

now i present to you the bewitching ‘flapper’ emily. or JEMily. as i like to call her.

and then there’s the amazing reinhorn-wilson family doing their thing. walter is my fave.

and finally, i don’t even know this child. but he showed up at my friend roxanne’s door and he’s possibly the cutest thing in all of creation.

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