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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jul 10

hello lovely etsy mates!

disclaimer: if you are one of my routine 17 blog readers, you might want to skip this post. my wedding is definitely not news to you. in fact, you’re probably tired of it and are all ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR WEDDING ALREADY!

but for the REST OF YOU…

welcome! wow. what a treat to have our wedding day featured on one of our favorite creative communities over at etsy! my google analytics account didn’t really know how to break the news to me that you’ve all come and visited my humble blog. so instead, it made me a pretty graph that screams something along the lines of:

3 years of minimal, albeit steady, readership and then BAM! today, golriz lucina gundry, you hit the jackpot.

dev and i are so thrilled to share our day with the world at large, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the sweet comments and responses. let’s just say i’ve never had so many emails in my inbox with the subject: SHOES. some people even threw in a few EXCLAMATION POINTS for added effect.

[pausing for a moment to consider whether i’m using the word ‘effect’ correctly. is it affect? instead, let’s give three cheers for my masters degree in editing and publishing.]

i also received some emails from a few of the (over 3000!) people who watched our video today, telling me they’ve fallen in love with my husband. it’s not your fault, he’s pretty adorable.

i wish i had something really exciting to say for our first introduction. i mean, the least i could have done was posted some fantastically creative DIY project for you to all enjoy. but alas, i can’t conjure up any of that kind of magic on demand. so instead, i’m going to answer several of the questions i received today:

where are you from?

i am half-iranian (dad), and half-armenian (mum). i have lived most years of my life in new zealand, but the last decade i’ve mostly been in the states, except for a 2 year sojourn in israel, and 2 years in australia. so my accent, as you can imagine, is a bit confused. we now live in los angeles, much to my own surprise.

what music features in your wedding film?

our talented videographers (fullframecine) featured these songs:

‘Sanganichi’ by Shugo Tokumaru
‘To Build A Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra**
‘Hey Ya’ by OutKast
‘You and I’ by Ingrid Michaelson

**we actually played ‘to build a home’ as we walked down the aisle. the first time i heard this song i hadn’t even met devon. i was walking along the streets of new york city on a work trip and feeling helplessly romantic and a bit folorn. nyc does that to a girl. my friend quddus had sent me this song and when it came onto my iPod, i stood still and listened to the entire track. i knew i wanted this song to be played at my wedding. luckily devon fell in love with it too.

are you a photographer?

um. this depends on what you mean by the term ‘photographer’. do i take photos and make a living out of it? no. do i own 14 cameras and have one at arm’s reach at all times? yes.

lately i’ve been taking photos with my vivtar panoramic film camera. i found this gem in a nashville thriftstore for $2.99. i wish i’d left the bright orange sticker on the camera body just to give it street cred. here are a few recent faves:

where were the readings in your ceremony from?

i’m a baha’i. if you’ve never heard about the baha’i faith, i encourage you to check it out. baha’i wedding ceremonies are simple – in the presence of two witnesses the couple recites the following: “We will all, verily, abide by the will of God.” the vow makes the marriage a commitment between three parties – the husband, the wife and God. Baha’i’s are free to design their own wedding and so we had fun pouring ourselves into all the details and adding creative touches so the celebration would feel very much like ‘us’.

one of the writings in the baha’i faith about marriage is this: married couples should strive to become “loving companions and comrades and at one with each other for time and eternity.”

isn’t that beautiful? i love the idea of being both companions and comrades…especially because i sometimes feel we’re interacting with a world that doesn’t always promote unity or champion commitments.

here is one of the writings we incorporated in our ceremony that speaks about love.

what do you do for work?

devon and i work on a fantastic project called SoulPancake. the mission of SP is to create a space where people can ask questions, create dialogue and delve into what it means to be human. we have a delicious SoulPancake book that we co-authored coming out in the fall, and it features several fantastic etsy artists! we’d love for you to check it out and please join the fantastic, creative, curious community at SoulPancake! You can also follow SP on twitter.

where did you get your blue shoes?

office shoes in the UK. i’ve heard they no longer sell my blue shoes, but i’m sure you’ll have fun looking at the rest of their options. this store has some lovely shoes.

where did you get your dress?

my dress is part BCBG, part my vision, and then a huge part, my incredible, talented mum! i knew that i wanted lots of layers, and lace, but i also wanted my dress to be super streamlined and delicate. i am only 5’2, so i needed something that wouldn’t overpower me.

i found a white dress i loved at BCBG, but it had a halter neck. so i decided this wasn’t a big deal because my mum is a superstar. i designed a completely different neckline and back and days before my wedding my dress was STILL in 3 separate pieces on the dining room table. was i nervous? yes. did i weep the night before my wedding because my mum (who flew in from melbourne, australia and made baklava for 200 people, sewed 14 tablecloths, hand-stitched 200 programs, and made 200 cd cases) still hadn’t finished my dress? yes.

(proof is in the photo below. please note my unfinished dress hanging on a chair while mum and dad worked on the tablecloths).

however, did i wake up on my wedding day to my perfect dream dress? YES I DID.

what elements were do-it-yourself:

bouquet & boutonnieres
twinkly light and paper chandelier
cds & cd cases for wedding favors
top half of my dress ;)
heart canvas in lieu of guest book
cupcake stand
tv/lightbulb/umbrella installation
fabric flower garlands
tissue paper flowers
devon’s wedding ring – we bought the titanium ring and then he took to it with a dremel to give it a matte finish.
my first engagement ring (the button ring)

how did you create your cupcake stand?

lots of empty cetaphil containers, cake boards of various sizes, ribbon and devon’s engineering skills. here’s a photo of my mother-in-law and i assembling :)

how did you do it all without the help of a wedding planner?

simply put: our friends and family are the definition of awesome. oh and our mother’s are both superheroes. some of our friends arrived a few days before the wedding, and were put straight to work. no job was too big, or too small – whether it was creating and untangling flower strands, arranging our centerpieces, hanging 20 light bulbs according to devon’s very precise algorithm, or creating a playlist for our dj. one friend was even tasked with finding a pig for the following day’s ‘cowboy, damsel, bear BBQ’, and so he set forth on his mission.

so i guess that wraps it up. thanks for visiting my little corner of the webosphere. i’m happy to answer any more questions – the easiest way to reach me is through my twitter or clicking INTO a post and leaving a comment. :)

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7 comments on “hello lovely etsy mates!”

  1. Pascale Says:

    Your Mum is a total LEGEND!!! i can’t believe She did all that, the night before, and all to still look amazingly wakeful on the day – the before/after sewing pics above are primo!

    This was really nice to read Golriz, nice to know that DIY weddings can work well and nice to see the love and unity behind it (^_^)

    much love!

  2. Amber Says:

    What was the song played in your “trailer / film”?

    The link below:


    Beautiful song. Beautiful wedding.

  3. golriz Says:

    hi amber,

    the songs in the wedding short film are:
    ‘Sanganichi’ by Shugo Tokumaru
    ‘To Build A Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra
    ‘Hey Ya’ by OutKast
    ‘You and I’ by Ingrid Michaelson

    the song in the wedding trailer is:

    ‘Dance on our Graves’ by Paper Route

  4. Kayal Says:

    i stumbled upon your incredible love story through the post on etsy today, then inevitably found your blog. i read all about your wedding and engagement and sat on the edge of my office chair as i watched your wedding video. when i was reading about your engagement and the button ring and how incredibly perfect and creative it all was, i thought with a heavy sigh “i want that to happen to me!” then later this evening, as i was on my way to meet my newly engaged friend and thinking about how crazy in love i am with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years, i realized “that could never happen to me. that is their story, their moment, the moment that shifted their lives. and it will always be theirs.” because my boyfriend and i are creative and enjoy many of the things you and devon enjoy, i’m sure, i know that he will give me an unforgettable engagement as well – something creative, something special, just like devon did for you. i know this. thank you for sharing your lovely moments with the world and helping me be even more excited about a life with my guy. enjoy your life. enjoy your love.

  5. Matt Says:

    Golriz, your blog is awesome! I had no idea HALF of the amazing things you and Devon did yourself for your big day – super creative. Btw – i love the virtual save the date – amazing! so glad jeffrey and i were able to be a part of it!

  6. elizabeth Says:


    just from fb pics, you have no idea how many long conversations i STILL have to have with countless individuals wanting details of your wedding. i promise you, in the future it will be a bridal urban legend…’and then they strapped on matching jet packs powered by little blue flowers’. u two deserve all the recognition – your vision was magic come to life.


  7. Viv Says:

    I am so glad I found this post on your blog, super thanks!
    I am planning my wedding and we want everything to be handmade, your wedding definitely inspired me, love the simplicity.

    I wish you the best! n_n

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