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Dec 10

hello san francisco.

well not yet, but soon. in the first week of january 2011 we will be visiting this charming city and gallivanting about. team soulpancake will be presenting at google, apple, twitter and possibly facebook HQ. will we mix and mingle with the tech overlords? i sure hope so. will i want to hide under the desk of a google employee so i can stay there forever? chances are high. will i forget all sense of decorum and beg an apple employee for an ipad? you betcha. will i feel like i know ALL about facebook because i watched the facebook movie? oh yes. yes i will.

we will also be doing a signing at a san fran bookstore. so, SFers, hope to see you all there!


in other news, this photo/idea/everything is beyond awesome.

photo credit: shelby tanner

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