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Feb 11

high fives all around.

i just checked out the soulpancake project in flickr and it made me feel like a proud parent. i’m not sure why. it’s not like i  even know one of 202 the contributors to the project…but i guess it’s seeing how the soulpancake book’s creative challenges are being used in the world and resulting in such clever, unique, thoughtful, awesome creations.

the challenge this week was ‘art at arm’s reach’. here are some of my favorites:

i’m always endeared by words made out of stuff. credit: jim shields

a staple-city! credit: eric nelson

credit: joel who also describes how he made his feathered friend:

“I decided that for this project that I would only use materials that were ON my desk since all my crafty things are inside it. I used two glass jars to make the body of the owl and then I covered it with white cardstock, cut into feather shapes. Then I painted over it with some watercolours and finally assembled some feet from a roll of wire that I randomly had sitting on the end of my desk.”

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3 comments on “high fives all around.”

  1. Invisible Cirkus Says:

    i am proud to be in this project with some great flickr folk! <3

  2. Eric A. Nelson Says:

    Such a great project and an amazing group of talented artists….love the book too!! So huge thanks to you for giving us such a rich, diverse set of questions and challenges.


  3. Eliza Says:

    The book and the Flickr page are so eye opening. It is such a great project. I have truly learned so much from people, most of which, I’ve never met.

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