// she's only happy in the sun.
May 10


so, here’s the thing. my meeting holley can best be compared to meeting sunshine for the first time.

hi. i like you. let’s be friends. let’s hang out whenever possible. and on days when we can’t i’ll wait eagerly for the next time we can. it’s the kind of friendship that makes you a believer in soul mates. holley is undoubtedly a kindred spirit of the ‘i want you in my life for life’ variety.

when i first moved to nashville i was a bit, how do you say it, BROKEN. in the midst of this chaotic and confusing time holley and i met. and shortly after, her couch and i became BFFs. when you next sit on it look closely and you might even see the stains from my tears. i would bewail my lot in life and she would lovingly advise and nurture, and introduce me to magical, albeit decaffeinated, teas. and then giachery would come into the room and get all dr. phil on me. and i would cower. but always came back for more of his tough love.

so that was the beginning.

and then there were happier times when project runway devoured our tuesday nights and we would marvel at the fact that holley was growing a LIFE inside of her. and more tea. and discoveries of jennies coconut macaroons.

and when i started becoming smitten with a certain someone, it was hol who smiled knowingly when my phone would be non-stop buzzing with text messages.

so. fast-forward to a wedding. a wedding where every detail had details of how to achieve a certain detail. what was originally envisioned as being an intimate garden party became a full scale production in a magical loft overlooking the city. and with two months to plan, and one of those months traversing the south pacific, we (read: i) were more than a little overwhelmed. i will never forget holley showing up at the house, armed with tissue paper, pipe cleaners, scissors and an attitude of ‘honey, if you want 200 unique individually hand made paper flowers, you will have them.’ and so we got to work.

which leads me to the part where i try to write about the gift holley gave us for our wedding. what you need to know is that during the big bad flood that hit nashville a few weeks ago, our basement was flooded. compared to a lot of people in nashville, we were incredibly lucky. we threw out some furniture, but nothing that we will miss too much. unfortunately, however some of our wedding decorations were casualties and as we carried our many water-logged retro TVs outside we were a little sad, but grateful that this all happened after the wedding. losing some of the elements from our wedding made holley’s gift to us even more special – a 3 dimensional work of art that encapsulates our day. complete with twinkly lights and the darling sunshine yellow crespedia flowers.

this beautiful gift will grace every home that we create. thank you, my sweet.

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3 comments on “holley-has-my-heart-seals”

  1. RC Submarine Says:

    Wonderful insight:-)

  2. holley Says:

    are you sure polygamy is not allowed, because i’m yours. xo -h.

  3. Emily Says:

    Wonderful insight:-)

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