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Aug 10

hunting for our habitat

today we began the adventure of hunting for our next home, or ‘habitat’ as we refer to it. since relocating to LA we’ve been tucked away in the beautiful topanga canyon – surrounded by the ocean, mountains, majestic trees and massive spiders (which i’m assured are the garden variety and not at all something to be scared of). i’m not convinced about the spiders, but what i do know for sure is that if you are a fan of the pace of life moving a bit slower, growing your own organic produce and spending time communing with nature, then topanga canyon is the place for you. this is the place where ‘hippy’ takes on a whole new meaning, and sitting around a cauldron fire, playing guitar, and having a ‘godess gazing’, or discussing what your shaman guru advised you about the local herbs, is a totally normal way to spend an evening.

topanga has been a lovely retreat for us and we will always treasure the memories we created in our little log cabin, however we’ve both learned that though we love a lot of the topanga way of life, we also feel a bit isolated and remote out here. we need an indie coffee shop we can walk to and the truth is, we enjoy our daily dose of hipsters in jorts and cardigans. so sue us.

we checked out a few places today in the silverlake/los feliz area and also a few lofts downtown. because we’re new to the process we’re still wide-eyed and hopeful. our optimism lands us in trouble because when a loft is described as ‘raw’ we think exposed brick and beams, when the reality is that the door doesn’t actually have a handle so you have to open it with a screwdriver. when i see photos of expansive rooms with massive floor to ceiling windows i assume that’s what the room actually looks like and forget how a wide-angle lens exaggerates. we found a few places we felt blah about and then a couple that were cute on but we didn’t really love the area. then, as the day wound down we called a friend to see if we could drop by and we mentioned we’d been apartment hunting. our friend told us about a house for rent in the hilly part of the los feliz area so we vespa’d over to check it out. cue the clouds parting, angels harping, sun shining, world peace, etc. this little house is PERFECT. it is spacious and full of natural light. it boasts charming spanish style architecture with plaster arches, and nooks, and alcoves. it’s newly renovated with delicious bamboo flooring and lots of windows. and just when you think it can’t get better, you step out into a private OASIS – a garden sanctuary where you can easily pretend you don’t live in a city. under the branches of a big oak tree i looked up at the dappled light and then looked over at dev. i knew we were in trouble. we were both smitten.

we are going to keep looking, but something tells me we may have found our next habitat.

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