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Oct 10

i see color

LA does one thing surprisingly well—color. it’s somewhat ironic because before living here, i had always imagined LA as a gray city – gray buildings, gray highways, gray smog, gray hair dyed blonde because god forbid you AGE in this city…so i had an expectation of dreariness, and yet, on every visit i’d be surprised by how saturated with color it actually was. and i would put this down to being on vacation, or wearing my blue blockers, or the fact that i was smitten by the ceaseless sunshine.

but here’s the thing, LA is actually surprisingly beautiful and vibrant. at least, the area where we live is. i’m constantly enamored with the color combinations i see. the bolder the better. here are just a handful of photos taken on my iPhone, of colors i saw on my very short walk yesterday. so if one block in my neighborhood boasts this much color, you can just imagine how much more there is to offer.

and are you thinking what i’m thinking? this wall is just begging for an impromptu photoshoot:

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2 comments on “i see color”

  1. Claire Says:

    GOLRIZ! (Pardon the excitement) You’ve inspired me to blog. So thank you because it is SUCH a wonderful outlet.

    I also love LA, but I may be a bit biased because I was born and partially raised there. One of my favorite things about LA is the vision of the city at night as you drive round the mountains, the sea of lights!
    Take care,

  2. golriz Says:

    YAY claire! i’m excited to check out your tumblr!

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