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Nov 10

if you’re not a parent, the ONLY reason to get out of bed pre-dawn is for a spontaneous flight.

we fly to NYC tomorrow. we bought our flights yesterday in a flurry of head cold fog and excitement. i guess it just hit us suddenly that we could actually go to NYC. sure, our publisher is only paying for the celeb in our quadruplet, but that isn’t a good enough reason for us to miss out on all the fun. so tickets are booked. angel ash (a recent convert to spur of the moment travel plans) is ready at the helm for a pre-dawn drop off and our suitcase is packed. well, half-packed. ok. it’s ready to be packed. and the things we are taking are surrounding it in a pile. good enough.

the book tour line up in nyc is pretty fantastic. soulpancake will have stops at google. and people magazine. and npr. and itunes. we have book signings. and jimmy fallon with JONSI. and regis & kelly. and rainn will be making pancakes with rachael ray. we will finally get to meet 3 of our amazing soulpancake brainlabbers – jena, julius and amelia, who we’ve only collaborated with through binary code and never met in person. woohoo! shabs is hopefully going to scoot up from DC so we can all frolic and romp around and make fun of the fact that we are the authors that no one actually cares about. :)

we are crashing at roxanne & anyssa’s adorable abode in brooklyn. and let’s be honest, where else in nyc would anyone want to be? ok, maybe soho. but brooklyn is like soho’s more interesting, less refined cousin…the one who you wanna hang out with because they know how to have a good time. whereas whenever i’m in soho i feel like i need a makeover and a bazillion dollars. also how could i resist this description from rox: “did we mention that anne hathaway, adrien grenier and fiona apple are our neighbors?  oh, i think we just did.  warning: our ‘hood is uber-gentrified and that hipster cafe downstairs? used to be a crack house/bodega.


i will be armed with one vivtar knock off black slim devil film camera. one nikon d90 digital beast. and mittens. because i expect it to be cold.


a creature couture photoshoot? yes. please.


This is the principal and most profound reason I take photographs. I am not out to demonstrate something. My sole motivation stems from the need I feel – that we all feel, to varying degrees – to communicate with the world around us.” – Gilbert Garcin

the genius behind these photographs: Gilbert Garcin


constant obsession: lightbulbs with visible filaments


ps. if you have a must see / must do in NYC please tell me. we’ve been traveling there pretty regularly since it’s one of our favorite cities on the planet…but we often stick to what we know. and by that i mean we park inside babycakes and don’t leave until we have had our fill of agave sweetened wonder.

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4 comments on “if you’re not a parent, the ONLY reason to get out of bed pre-dawn is for a spontaneous flight.”

  1. Mullica Says:

    Ahhh that sounds super exciting! You’ll be on my coast! I hope you have a lovely time in NYC.

  2. mai-ling Says:

    have a safe trip.
    hope you come out to Chicago or Milwaukee too!

  3. mayan Says:

    just ordered a copy to israel

  4. j9 Says:

    pegu for cocktails.
    bogata for noms.

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