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Jul 12

in summary.

once again, i’m relying on photos and captions to preserve the memories and moments that made up our days of late.

1. family breakfasts with life long friends are the best. emily & elizabeth have known each other and dev since they were all kids growing up in hendersonville (tennessee) together. their parents are all BFFs, and they are basically his sisters. i met them both at thanksgiving in 2008 (when i was trying to infiltrate dev’s family) and have loved them fiercely ever since. i also have not-so-secret plans of luring them to live in LA. they speak to phix in french and russian accents – so understandably he adores them.

2. i think our little boy has learned the power of his smiles and he is SHAMELESSLY busting them out to win over his audience. and it works every.time.

3. i have always dreamed of having an outdoor area to gather together friends to share food and laughter together a la a kinfolk magazine spread. so dev strung up bare edison bulbs in our back patio, we got a bbq, and now my dream is a lovely reality most friday nights.

4. phix attended his first wedding as our dear friend andy grammer married his sweet aijia lise.

5. we took nonsensical photos.

6. phix finally pooped. this might be TMI. in which case, i’m sorry, but my filters are all askew since i birthed a baby. just be glad i’m not including a photo. the reason this gets to be on this list of memorable moments is because it had been 10 days since he’d last pooped. TEN DAYS. that is basically all.the.days. there were no more days left. i don’t know whether it was his aunties speaking to him in dirty french accents, or elizabeth cleaning all.the.things, or all of us singing rhianna in harmony, or a combo of all of the above, but we were all so excited when we realized what had happened that we simultaneously screamed like maniacs, causing poor phix to burst into tears. and now he’ll probably never poop again because our reaction was so intense and terrifying.

7. we went on a family outing to the beach. and we were total caregiver failures with our measly bath towels that didn’t actually fit even one adult body, our lack of sunscreen and snacks, and our disgruntled (teething!) baby. basically, we had none of the things we actually needed, but we DID HAVE headbands for everyone. then sand got into the MECHANISMS of the stroller and a wheel fell off. i don’t know how things got from bad to worse, but elizabeth ended up with baby puke in her hair, emily spilled iced chai all over the coffee shop floor and next thing i knew, we’re eating overpriced wings from hooters in a carpark because we gave up on finding the car.

and although we were a complete train wreck posse, the day was still one of the best.ever because we laughed so much that my sides still hurt today.

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3 comments on “in summary.”

  1. Katya Says:

    Thank you for such a positive post! It just made me happier!

  2. Michael Says:

    Hey Golriz,

    Just a heads up to you that not pooping for 10 days for a baby < 6 months old is not that unusual and not a reason for worry. My little girl (5 months ) waits that long regularly. Our midwife indicated that she has worked with healthy babies that have waited up to 40 days.

    All of which is to day, it's great to celebrate. But don't worry too much about it. For more info, check this out.


  3. jess Says:

    number 7 is my favorite..its moments like those that stick with us…oh and, hold crap that kid of yours is super cute! and i am not just sayin it to say it…my kid is pretty cute too, probably too cute for her own good, but that little man..he is a looker! :D happy weekend! <3

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