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Jul 10

iSpied on a thursdsay.

i have an affinity for tree houses. here are some that are not cozy, but certainly innovative.

move over balloons, photoshoots with BUBBLES are blowing my mind.

i want to high five the creator of these camera straps.

upcoming art project for the gundry and the golriz.

hooray for adorable rompers from the ’70s.

when my ovaries scream I WANT BABIES!, i go here.

i’m probably guilty of this: stereotyping people by the websites they frequent.

i applaud pretty, but functional, web design. this archive of posts from fastcodesign beats any calendar or prev / next buttons.

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1 comment on “iSpied on a thursdsay.”

  1. brooklyn Says:

    your camera strap link made me think of these:

    such a good idea!

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