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Mar 11

it was all yellowy.

glauco lima, one of the awesome graphic designers we featured in the SoulPancake book sent me his birthday wish list. it’s an awesomely creative way to request the things he actually wants/needs. click this to see the collection in a larger size.

i also found this great diagram below on glauco’s blog and am sharing it with ash in mind. (rainbow sprinkles please).

originally found here:


my love for the sun has also inspired a recent attraction obsession with the color yellow. it all began with this image by shaadee of an outfit that i’m determined to over-utilize summer.

and then i got all crazy and made an etsy treasury of all things yellow. within the treasury you’ll spy one of my friend leili’s gorgeous necklaces.


i live in LA so i imagine that when people from the actually cold parts of the country read this (hi mar!) they’ll want to pelt me with their snow boots, but we are going to san fran this weekend so i’m ordering the universe to bring on the sunshine. the current weather forecast calls for rain. the entire time. typical san francisco weather living up to its bad rap. don’t get me wrong, i also love the rain (especially now that i live in a city that rarely has an acid rainfall downpour), but i am not a big fan of cold rainy days when i want to be gallivanting around outside with cameras that can’t get wet. but whatever, it’s san francisco. i’ll embrace its cold clammy hands and skip on its streets.

happy friday everyone!

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5 comments on “it was all yellowy.”

  1. mar Says:

    consider my baffins (snow boots) duly chucked at you. LOVE to san fran and LOVE to you.

  2. layli Says:

    gol! dude that cupcake this is bonkerzz!!! i saw that today on my tumblr dash & wanted to re-blog it but it doesnt fit on my style tumblr, or my photography one! :( so glad you posted it for many more to see! so neat!

    and yellow. i feel you. not many love yellow cos not many think “they look good in yellow”. is it just me or is it a common thing to hear people say??

    rock that yellow, my grrll. i feel it too. :)

  3. layli Says:


  4. Kat Says:

    i just bought the blingy gold thingy. you can borrow it when you come to visit. !

  5. Kat Says:

    not April Fools

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