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Jan 11

jeff seltzer, your photographs are awesome.

all these photos were sourced here.
Parking Structure, Los Angeles. &nbsp;<a href=
Parking Structure, Los Angeles.  
A Tree. &nbsp;<a href=
A Tree. 
Mall Bike Rack. Westfield Mall, Sherman Oaks, CA. &nbsp;<a href=
Mall Bike Rack.
Calgary Airport Chairs. &nbsp;<a href=
Calgary Airport Chairs.
Lockers in Blue. Chandler Middle School, Sherman Oaks, CA. &nbsp;<a href=
Lockers in Blue.
Shopping Carts Outside a Ralphs. Sherman Oaks, CA. &nbsp;<a href=
Shopping Carts Outside a Ralphs.
Four Chairs in a Room. L.A. Valley College, Los Angeles, CA. &nbsp;<a href=
Four Chairs in a Room.
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1 comment on “jeff seltzer, your photographs are awesome.”

  1. Jeff Seltzer Says:

    Thanks!!! This blog is pretty awesome, too.

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