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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jan 12

just a few of my talented friends.

i’ve always been a big fan of my dear friend leili‘s photography, jewelry, and ceramics. i find her latest artistic creations to be so beautiful:


i am constantly awestruck by quddus’ blog. we’ve been penpals for over a decade and i think his writing is the best kind – raw, vulnerable, honest and unfiltered. somehow, he manages to find words for even the most subtle and fragile emotions and moments. it helps that he is also a smarty pants and has probably read every book worth reading.


my sweet sister, holley seals, in nashville is working on launching an urban food park where a bunch of food trucks can convene and serve up their treats on a regular basis. i love how family-friendly this idea is and i’m so proud of hol, and excited that her project is gathering momentum!


one of the happiest, sweetest, people i know in los angeles is pardis sullins. she is part of our soulpancake family and she masterfully curates all the amazing art you will see featured on the soulpancake tumblr. our soulpancake episodes rely heavily on her amazing talent as a prop builder/creator/painter and during our productions we would be lost without her.


in other news, our little neighborhood (atwater village) was recently listed as one of the six ‘hottest emerging neighborhoods’. we are so happy here and it definitely fills a lot of the needs we had for a community –  friendly, safe, walking distance to trader joes, and amazing coffee and a weekly farmers market! i’m also incredible lucky that dev and i can walk to the new soulpancake office in five minutes. woot woot!

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4 comments on “just a few of my talented friends.”

  1. Leili Says:

    Dearest Gol, I am honored to be mentioned among such types. Thank you. I knew about the incredible awesomeness of Dus and Pardis, but in addition I am so interested to read what lovely Holley is doing! Love to lovely you!

  2. pardis Says:

    feel honored and humbled to be mentioned with these lovely, creative, beautiful souls. love you Gol xoxo

  3. Q Says:

    i have internet!
    i’m alive!
    i’m re-born!

    freak me that was the longest time i’ve ever gone sans interconnectianets.

    also: thou art lovely.
    i am equally flattered to be included with the other kool kids.

    smoochies to all.

    viva la internets!

    now. i can’t decide whether to dance around my living room again to MIA (on hi-def just for gratuitous download value) or write something illegible. dance > blahblahblahs

  4. holley Says:

    What creativity! I am honored to be among your dearest friends mentioned above sweetest Gol. Leili- um, I NEED those three little pieces of colorful bliss. How? where? need them. Unless they are already Gol’s and then I’ll just steal them along with that boy when he arrives into this world.
    Yaaaay for inspiration!

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