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Mar 11

la meets jr

in case you haven’t been following the word on the street about street art, JR is a 27-year-old Parisian artist & activist, whose creative journey began when he found a camera in his teens and then began using the world as a canvas for his amazing portraits.  JR’s goal is that his art gives people who usually go unheard with a ‘voice’ of sorts. bringing them into sharp focus and highlighting their existence literally on the actual locations where they live. it’s powerful stuff – especially when you see large ‘eyes’ looking back at you from slums and faces of children plastered over rubble.. i had raved about JR on my blog back in october, and now he’s at it again, and this time it’s in my neighborhood!

below is the portrait he recently installed on the side of the building on glendale blvd.

(photos by shannon cottrell)

JR was recently awarded the TED prize, and today he is sharing his one wish with the world. you can view JR live at 5pm PST right here.

i’ll definitely be watching!

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