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Sep 10

let’s face it.

as you know, i LOVE finding faces in ordinary objects. over the past couple of weeks i’ve been gifted with ‘faces’ that my friends have spied as they go about their day. i love getting texts/emails with a photo of these gems. one day i want to print out a whole series of them (perhaps in black and white) and frame them with simple black frames. and then feature an entire grid of face portraits on one wall.

my friends are awesome-sauce.

here are Philby’s amazing box faces.

ashtastic not only found an ikea bed frame face as she constructed her bed (#superhero) but also a car face not to be messed with.

and finally, caeli consistently sends me AMAZING faces from all over the planet. i particularly love this gutter face.

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3 comments on “let’s face it.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    gutter WIN!

  2. vesna Says:


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