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// she's only happy in the sun.
Oct 11

letter to our little one. part 3.

dear nori,

today my iPhone informed me that you are a whole 23 weeks old. it also informed me that you weigh just over a pound, that you are the size of a small melon, and you now have eyebrows. of course, every milestone of yours feels like a cause for celebration as far as i’m concerned. so i’m all WHOA! EYEBROWS?! AWESOME!

and before we go any further, let me just remind you (and the world) that nori is not your actual name. it started off as our codename for you, and now your papa has become pretty attached to it. and by nature of us not having settled on any other real name, this is what we call you. but rest assured, i’m constantly thinking about actual names.

this week your gramma-cita (dev’s mum) has come to visit to help us settle into our new abode. she came with a big suitcase of things for you, and let’s just say that i think you have enough clothes to last you through to your teens. together we went on my first real baby store shopping adventure and in between feeling overwhelmed by IT ALL, i fell in love with this crib for you. and of course, it happens to be the most expensive crib in all the land, but in my defense, it’s OVAL and expandable, so when you’re a baby we can make it a small egg shape, and as you grow, it grows with you. and see how happy this mother is with her baby in this crib?! i mean, surely it’s worth it! :)

i’m already learning so much about your little personality. for example, every day around 3pm you start kicking pretty energetically and this lasts all afternoon and into the evening. it’s so amazing to ‘feel’ you both on the inside and the outside. and in those moments it’s so REAL that you are inside my basketball sized belly and that one day your little feet will be on the outside. and OMIGOODNESS just wait till you see the socks and shoes they make for babies! i mean, it’s actually not fair how cute they are. there should be laws about this sort of thing to protect poor defenseless first time parents. your auntie ashley has purchased my favorite pair so far – they are brown with little orange ‘claws’ on the toe parts so when you wear them we will call you our little creature, and the whole world will roll their eyes in unison.

where was i? oh yeah, your womb acrobatics. you spin and turn and manoever your little body as you explore your womb world, and yet when your papa eagerly puts his hands on my belly to feel you and talks and sings to you,  you suddenly stop and you get very, very, still. it’s like you are soaking up his voice and you don’t want to miss a moment of it, and little nori, it’s pretty much the most heart-melting thing in the world. dev’s head pushed up against you, singing made-up songs and letting you know just how intensely loved you are.

and seeing devon in this new light as your father, is one of the most beautiful aspects of my pregnancy. he will be such a good papa and if you follow his example by loving people indiscriminately, striving for excellence, and spreading happiness wherever you go, then i’ll be the proudest mama around.

i heard once that love is the most powerful nutrient in the world, and the love we feel for you honestly fills us up in a way nothing else can.



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5 comments on “letter to our little one. part 3.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Goodness me. I should know better than to read your nori-letter during that small period of time between putting on makeup and walking out the door to meet up with friends.
    Your child is going to treasure these letters.

    Oh, and now I want that crib. And I don’t even have a child.

  2. Talia Says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Cribs. Shoes for babies. Hmm, being that I think you and Devon are going to be some of the most loving and conscious parents on the planet, you may soon discover that all that baby stuff will not be necessary. And your baby may not even put up with some it for even a minute.

    I know you probably have a good friend mama out there in LA that will teach you “the ways of AP (attachment parenting)”. It is an amazing thing to be freed from all the expensive baby contraptions that seems really perfect (in pictures at least).

    Anyway, some families do best with cribs and gadgets for babies, but some find that the baby needs more time right up against their bodies in your bed and during the day in an ergonomic baby carrier, like the Ergo Baby Carrier (mommy and daddy need to keep their backs healthy, right?).

    Babies are SO exciting and people will want to buy lots of STUFF for you and the baby. I just wanted you to “BEWARE of the STUFF”. It is very tempting to want to buy and collect a lot of it (I did it). You and Devon have just about everything the baby needs for about the first year of life. Really! Everything else is secondary and can sometimes get in the way.

    But, what do I know? Best of luck to you! ♥

  3. Papalop Says:

    You melt my heart! I cannot imagine a more loving mother for my first grandchild…he is already blessed beyond my most most ardent prayers!

  4. Papalop Says:

    Oh…about the crib…make sure it is one that cannot be dissassembled. If he inherits any of Devon’s creative descontructionism it will be his first project

  5. Nina Says:

    Oh my god. You are going to be mama!
    Wow. My heart just felt very very happy as the reality sunk in.
    Eyebrows. SWOON.
    PS: we are all getting used to (and loving) the name Nori.

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