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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jul 12

letters to phoenix // 7

my darling blueberry-eyed boy,

today you are 5 months old. FIVE. how did that happen? i have no idea. one night we went to the hospital where i found out about a whole new pain scale, and then i came home two days later with a baby boy in my arms, and now here we are with a phone so full of photos of you that it’s run out of space. which reminds me, i need to back up just about a bazillion photos of you.

what can i tell you about yourself that future phix might find curious. here’s a list:

1. you have your first tooth coming through. it’s making its shy appearance on the left bottom front of your gums and it’s a sharp little sucker. if i don’t catch your ‘i’m bored’ signs fast enough you will quit nursing and bite me, and when i pull you away you have the nerve to smile coyly. like you’re basically saying “look lady, it’s only fair since you are constantly chomping on my juicy thigh rolls and dimpled elbows.”

2. you love bath time and water in general. you splash about with such ferocity because it’s obviously not a real wet t-shirt contest until everything and everyone is wet.

3. your dad pats drum beats on your little rump to help you sleep. and lo and behold, it works. it’s the quickest way to get you relaxed. i, on the other hand, don’t have his exceptional rhythm skills, so my butt patting just makes you mad, which in turn makes me mad at the indie signer songwriter station on pandora for playing EVEN MORE jack johnson.

4. i believe you could bring about world peace with your smile. it’s just so disarming and giant and joyful. it is an instant reminder that nothing else really matters, that stress and stuff and stress about stuff is just so counterproductive.

and then there are your eyelashes that deserve a blog dedicated just to them:

our days have been extremely hectic little one, especially this week with the launch of our new premium content youtube channel(!) and you’ve been patient as we’ve lured a variety of ‘aunties’ and various hands to help out with you. right now your beloved grandparents are here and you are getting so much attention that i worry that when they leave you’ll be like, wait a second, where did my captive audience go?! i keep thinking that things will slow down and one day we’ll have our weekends back and your papa and i won’t be checking our emails at 3am. but that day hasn’t arrived and so we are doing our best to juggle all the important things and still give you the time and attention you need and deserve.

i am started to feel well-versed in your language. i know what your ‘tired eyes’ look like and the signature cry that means you’re hungry. i can tell when you’re irritated by the humidity and i know you prefer to be pants-less. as our friends and work mates also get to know you and fall in love with your gentle, generous spirit, i feel like the luckiest person because i have gotten the chance to know you first.




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