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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jan 12

list of things i want to do before nori leaves his womb room.

+ go swimming. feeling semi-weightless sounds amazing right.about.now

+ at least skim read all the books i bought to prepare for pregnancy. and give the hypno-birthing cd another chance.

+ keep up my prenatal yoga classes each week.

+ create a backyard sanctuary. or at least design it, so our friend liam can build it.

+ make those long overdue calls to my beloveds and have undistracted conversations.

+ take long showers. take my time getting out of bed. soak up quiet moments.

+ detach myself from the stresses of our work. release my strong desire for creative control. know that it will all.get.done.

+ indulge in small luxuries. massages. lemon creme brulee’s from proof bakery. a desperately needed hair cut.

+ enjoy the friends and family who will be visiting. create happy memories. take too many photos of our time together.

+ carve out space for prayer. reflection. sheer unbridled joy.

+ go on long walks with dev. hand in hand.

+ find patches of earth with wide open skies.

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3 comments on “list of things i want to do before nori leaves his womb room.”

  1. mayan Says:

    הכי טוב
    from someone with 3 kids–that is the perfect
    right now list!
    good luck and good vibes!!!
    you can totally totally do it!

  2. Mirielle Says:

    Hi Golriz! I bet you will easily do All those things you want and that makes you happy. Take a good care of yourself! Wish you and your baby the best!

    Today is my birthday. Since you always share things(awesomenly creative ones) about your life, I would like to share with you some things about my life and my past year. Since I don’t have a blog, I posted this today on my Facebook:
    January 28th, 2012: I am turning 28 years old today. It is my golden year. Wow. I want to write here, a retrospective of my 27 years:
    • what a year! I have never in my life studied so much like in the past year. Holly cow. I have never in my life studied so much math. I didn’t have any breaks! It was super stressing… Many times I actually thought about giving up because I was sure that I wouldn’t make it… I was so negative, pessimist but I was somehow able to make it through- proudly and happy. I learned so much… Things that I thought that were way too much for a Mirielle’s brain. And….. I made it!
    • this was the year that I got accepted to the University here. If I had to make a list of dreams that I always wanted to reach, dreams that I had 15 years ago, this is the one I never ever gave up on. I can’t remember of other dream I had in the past that means this much to me and that I really wanted to reach…. Has it been incredibly hard? Yes. But, I can’t stop moving… Soon,I will reach the finish line and all of you will be invited to my graduation! :)
    • I worked a lot
    • I have never drank so many energy drinks in my life. I know they are bad for you but, I thank god for them… Alright… Alrighttttt… I gotta stop drinking that… Soon I will. Promise.
    • I think I gained like 2 pounds but it seems that the older I  get, the more i accept the way I look, the way  my body is… I think that now, I have so many other things to worry about that I kind of forget about those silly things..
    • it was the year that I participated in 3 races: 8k, 10 and 15k.  So fun! I love it! I recommend it and this year i will be registering for more!
    • I didn’t have a social life. Simply like that… I don’t have time and the money and the mood to go party anymore
    • I didn’t have time to make new friends… Can you believe it? well, this is this is ridiculous but it is the reality…
    • but I am happy that when I was 27 years, I kept preserving and loving my old dear friends and it is a  mutual thing.
    • I didn’t go to church not even once. And NO, I have not drifted away from God. It is the opposite. And NO: I don’t accept advices about it. Thanks.
    • I still love my wonderful  Alanis Morissette
    • I still love Dave Matthews Band
    • actually, I only listen to their music WHEN I listen to music
    • actually, I don’t even listen to music anymore when I drive… How boring is that? One of the things I thought about writing in this retrospective was that when I was 27, suddenly I realized that I only listen to  am radio
    stations….wtf?!? I remember so well that when I was a child, I hated when my parents were listening to am radio… I don’t have the patience to listen to fm anymore. Love Am! Love listening to the news.. The worse thing is that when I happen to listen to fm stations, I only listen to oldies… Damn. I am old.
    • it was the year that I moved to my beautiful studio
    • it was the year that I bought my first 42″ tv
    • it was the year that I bought my first pressure cooker and when I made beans for the first time (Brazilian style)
    • I am still in love with the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate: Oscar. He is def my happiness in this country. I thank God everyday for giving me such a wonderful present to love and care
    • it was the year that I went to Brazil and Guatemala with Oscar 
    • the year which everyone I love finally met the man I love! And the best thing is: he has been approved by them! :)
    • when I was 27, alllmmosttt 28, I finally met my nephew Pedro. :)
    •when I was 27, little Pedro turned 1 yr old! ( one day before I turned 28- yesterday :).  )
    • All 365 days of the 27th year of my life, my dear Father,  Ronildo, was present in my thoughts and prayers. I miss him so much.

    Well, I guess it was a normal year… A year of progress. I wish ME another year of happiness, health, peace and love! That I can be an even better person and more positive. Happy birthday to me! :) God bless me! :)

  3. brooklyn Says:

    a few of the items on your list made me think of float therapy. i’ve never tried it, but i’ve heard a lot about it recently– its supposed to be great for relaxation/meditation, and gives you that weightless feeling, which would probably be awesome during pregnancy. found some general info (though i dont know anything about this company/place): http://www.soothingsolutions.net/FloatMain.html

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