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Aug 10

loft love

so we thought we had it all figured out, and then we went and scoped out some incredible artist lofts for rent.

we are now super conflicted.

huge, raw open space oozing with creative possibilities in the middle of industrial downtown LA


cozy house filled with character and a little garden oasis in the middle of hipsterville, silverlake LA


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5 comments on “loft love”

  1. Annie Cristina Says:

    I’m new to your blog (waves hello) so I won’t venture to give a decided opinion, but I will say that based on some of the blog posts I’ve been reading, the “huge, raw open space oozing with creative possibilities” sounds more your thing. Sure, the other place might have character, but you would be creating the other space from scratch and injecting your own character into it. It sounds like a challenge, but a beautiful one at that. :)

  2. Suze H Says:

    Hmm, another perspective is the possibility to entertaining. Big spaces are great but do they echo? Will it be hard to hear if you have lots of people. Just a thought. As we started a family earlier in our marriage than we anticipated, we got a cozy place and love it still. It was perfect for our growing family.

  3. mona Says:

    only consideration with downtown is traffic and access to highways….otherwise amazingness. have a few eatery places you may like if you do move down there….

    love that you are loving socal and that it’s loving you back :o)

  4. brooke Says:

    i have never lived in a loft but in doing some research in the past, i have heard that they can be less than peaceful because they are usually in industrial zoned areas. therefore industrial noise, and the hours that they are allowed to make said noise can be different than residential areas.

  5. golriz Says:

    thank you for all your wonderful feedback! we’re making the decision today. i’ll keep you all posted! :)

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