// she's only happy in the sun.
May 11


i wish i had known you when i was a little boy, when you were six and half and i was four and a half.

i would have chased you around the merri-go-round. and probably splashed water on you. i would have put sand in your hair and sprinted away to initiate a chase. and then, when we had both worn ourselves into the ground, i would have shared my juicebox with you and probably stared at you for a little too long. i would have told your friends to tell you that i thought you were pretty.

i need to find a time machine.


the little man © Francis Marquez
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1 comment on “found.”

  1. Francis Marquez Says:

    Thank you crediting my image! Congrats on your wedding…had I known, I would have shot it too.

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