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Jul 12

‘love songs for the little ones’ track two

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6 comments on “‘love songs for the little ones’ track two”

  1. Lea Says:

    o.m.g. y’all are just BEYOND adorable. thank you for always sharing this intimate, precious moments within your lives. xoxo

  2. Elli Says:

    Ohhh absolutely adorable! If we were this musical this would be exactly the way I’d like to show our love for our little one.:)

  3. Shereen Says:

    This is the best thing ever. Phoenix was so into it! Also, will there be a CD??? :D

  4. kellychristine Says:

  5. Strow Says:

    This is the luckiest boy in the world to have such amazing parents!!!! You guys rock! <3

  6. mai-ling Says:

    so cute!
    i’m so behind i’m catching up to your all posts.
    i’ve been busy with my own little one since
    giving birth to Lilly On-Ling in July.

    Anyways…i’ve been writing little ditties
    to her and singing them as well.

    like pheonix, she was born with a full head
    of hair and it’s only gotten longer!!!

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