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Oct 10

meet the new addition to my cam-fam.

imagine my complete and utter abounding JOY when i opened our front door to yet another parcel this week. this time it was all the way from england, sent by my dear friend kelly snook.

if you don’t know kelly, her bio on twitter sums her up quite nicely: “Bio research scientist, NASA. musician, engineer, studio manager for Imogen Heap. producer for various awesome artists. lover of cement trucks.”

she left out the part about how she has the biggest heart in the world. and how she owns a fire engine. yep, she’s amazing.

here’s one of my favorite photos of kel.

i opened the box to find six cans of my favorite ‘V’ energy drink (which can only be found in new zealand/australia and the UK), an emerald green purse bedazzled with a peacock, and the star of the show…this GLORIOUS agfa isola medium format film camera.

there was much squealing and dancing on the spot. just ask dev.

i opened the camera to find another exciting surprise – a roll of EXPOSED film. so i’m going to get it processed and hope it belongs to ansel adams so i can sell the photos and fund my (expensive) obsession with shooting in film.

here aggie is with her new family. i’ve just loaded her up with film and CAN’T wait to go out and shoot with her. results will be posted.

thank you sweet snookers! x

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3 comments on “meet the new addition to my cam-fam.”

  1. Kelly Snook Says:

    you are so welcome, my sweet love. imogen, jennie, and i went adventuring to a local car boot sale and i thought of you instamatically when i saw the camera. it was a mere 2 pounds, so it couldn’t be passed up. imagine my joy when i got home and discovered film in it. i think i might have taken one photo with it, although i also might have ruined the roll by accidentally exposing it. i could hardly wait to send it, but then i did wait because you and dev had a certain life to celebrate in nashville. there should have been 7 cans of delight, not 6…i wonder if a customs agent was thirsty. the purse was imogen’s, although it seems perhaps never used.

    i think of you all the time, gol. you are one of my favorite people in the history of people.

    thanks for posting that photo (and for taking it).

    i can’t wait to see the photos.


  2. minthe Says:

    with your obsession for cameras, have you thought about creating your own dark room to develop the films?
    I’ve just completed mine and its an absurde amount of fun!!

    all the golden best from the edge of the black forest (where the tap water is incredibly delicious)!

  3. golriz Says:

    hello minthe!

    i’d LOVE to have my own dark room. unfortunately there’s not a lot of room in our little apartment…but one day!

    i’m not sure where you live but the description sounds exquisite! :)

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