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Oct 11

mini DG in the making.

anyone who has spent over 3 minutes with my husband knows that he’s got abounding energy. that’s the polite way of saying it. the other version would be: take 3 toddlers who have eaten a bunch of cake, add a puppy and an zumba instructor and blend them together and THAT concoction is the amount of energy dev can bust out with at any moment. luckily, i find it pretty endearing, although at times exhausting, and ultimately it means that no matter where i am, if i’m with him, it’s a bit of a party.

so i guess it shouldn’t have really come as a surprise that devon’s child would also possess some of this joie de vivre. yes, i’ve begun to feel little nori move. and it’s not just like butterflies or indigestion as the pregnancy apps keeps describing. it’s more like when you first get a goldfish and it’s in one of those plastic bags and as it swims around it kinda bangs into the side of the bag. it’s a very distinct feeling – a shifting and manouevering of a tiny body inside MY body. err. what?

suffice to say, it’s a trip. i mean, a beautiful, wonderful, miraculous trip. but a trip all the same.


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5 comments on “mini DG in the making.”

  1. leila Says:

    CUTIE! And I LOVE that feeling. When M was born, her umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck. That’s a lot of uterine roly-polies. Active baby = happy baby. Keep on squirming, Nori!

  2. Ashley Says:

    I am not sure which I find more fantastic right now: Your hair (I am in the process of growing mine out) or that you just compared your unborn baby to a goldfish :)

  3. Andrea Says:

    somewhere i read the quote :
    ” There are two types of parents in the world. Those who let their children have sugared cereal and those who don’t.” congrats!(:

  4. Nina Says:

    The goldfish description was very vivid!

    It cracks me up, because you are so little that your bump actually looks just like the belly of a normal human :) Can’t wait to see the progress, and thanks for posting pics! ccc

  5. Nina Says:

    PS: Those were supposed to be kisses xxxx, not cccc’s!

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