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Feb 11

my heart hurts for one of my homelands

just two days ago, christchurch, one of my favorite cities in new zealand suffered a large (6.3 magnitude) earthquake. i don’t recall a single earthquake when i was living in new zealand, but over the past few months, this area has been affected twice. so far, the reports indicate that close to 200 people may have lost their lives.

these photos, by martin hunter, show some of the devastation.

i heard about the earthquake on a day when i was struggling with a friend who had let me down in a pretty big way. and as i sat feeling a bit disillusioned and figuring out how to deal with the disappointment, this catastrophe reminded me acutely that life is so fragile and precious. definitely too precious to waste feeling sorry for myself over someone’s lack of consideration.

it’s really all about having perspective sometimes. i’m so grateful for everything i have right this moment, and so grateful that when tests come along i have a partner that resolutely holds my hand and assures me everything will be ok.

my prayers and thoughts are with new zealand.

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1 comment on “my heart hurts for one of my homelands”

  1. Viv Says:

    I know, I agree–sad. I lived in NZ as well and it made me really depressed to see beautiful Christchurch reduced to rubble.

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