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Nov 11

on doing what you love.

once upon a time a wise woman cornered me (even though we were on the phone) and asked me if i loved what i was doing. and i answered with a bit of hesitance “sure”. and she asked me again. and i defensively said “well, i’m really good at it, and it pays the bills, and i get to travel”. and then she asked again, “but do you love it?”

and by now i was a bit annoyed because at the time i thought it was a decent job. i mean, sure, i wasn’t springing-out-of-bed-to-my-alarm-clock in love with it. but it was a means to an end and it had its benefits.

and then she said something that i don’t think a lot of us get reinforced, “golriz. you deserve to have a job you really love. in fact, you should only be doing work you love. and if you are not doing what you love, then i suggest you go out and do it”.

her statement hung in the air, and i got off the phone, went back to my little cubicle and decided at that moment to make some changes. i didn’t have a game plan or another opportunity beckoning. i just knew that i had to start moving in a direction that utilized the talents that come naturally to me. i basically started the journey towards discovering the work that brings me joy.

i know that a lot of mystery enshrouds what dev and i do for ‘work’ but basically i, along with a micro team, spend most of our waking hours working on the many arms of SoulPancake. it’s the most fulfilling work i’ve ever done and the truth is, i do love it. for the first time in my life, i feel like i’m doing exactly what i was created to do. this doesn’t mean it’s a daily picnic, but it’s all worth it. the long hours, the ‘instability’, the risks…it’s all so damn worth it.

and now, seeing our work come to life in a tangible way through these minisodes on the Oprah network, is exhilarating and simultaneously exhausting because we know how far we still want to go and how much work it’s going to take to get there. it’s hard to watch our episodes and not be super critical and rather to see them as opportunities to learn from our mistakes, but that’s what we are doing. growing and learning and making mistakes and taking risks and getting confirmations that we’re on the right track.

SoulPancake: Air Orchestra

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4 comments on “on doing what you love.”

  1. brooke Says:

    thank you for this post. i feel like i am at that point: caught in the middle of having a job i am good at, but wanting to spend my time doing something i love. it’s encouraging to know that others have been there, and made their way to the other side, as challenging as it can sometimes be.

  2. Angel Says:

    Oh-Em-GEE! This made me so happy I almost cried! No really. You guys are an inspiration!

  3. Tara Says:

    the awkward, all-too-familiar moment when jw calls you out… :)

    thanks for reminding me of the important things!

  4. Kayla Says:

    this is so amazing. the air orchestra made me cry. in public. at panera bread. the beauty of bringing so many people together really moved me and that is what i love most about soulpancake — that it is constantly bringing people together and that it brings up things inside of me so unexpectedly. what a beautiful thing.

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