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Aug 10

on knowing not much

tonight dev and i gave a talk and shared some music at rainn & holiday’s home on the theme of ‘love & marriage’. since we’ve been married just over 4 months, we’re obviously experts ;)

dev and i were definitely nervous but as i looked out at the crowd of diverse, creative, friendly people that had showed up i suddenly felt incredibly safe. i had a sense i could say anything and this merry band of strangers would store whatever i shared it in a collective vault of intimacy and trust. sometimes i feel like i’m watching myself, standing outside of my skin and observing, and in those brief moments i’m awed by the journey i’ve taken to get to that particular point and the whole thing seems a bit surreal. and yet there i am, sitting in rainn wilson’s living room talking candidly to a room full of near-strangers about love and failing and marriage and fear and that the latin word for respect stems from the meaning ‘to gaze at’ and how beautiful it is to really be ‘seen’ and to truly ‘see’ another person for all their flaws and imperfections, and feel an abundance of love and acceptance and joy.

it was a really wonderful evening.


i don’t have a tattoo but i’m constantly admiring other peoples inked-up skin. today these beauties caught my eye.

photograph by chris glass


in other news, i received 2010’s first handwritten letter the other day. it was a wonderful reminder of how precious real letters are. here was a person halfway across the country, who i barely know, putting pen to paper and sharing her ideas, thoughts, desires and hopes with me. i joked to dev that it was ‘fan mail’, but the reality was that i felt incredibly humbled that someone had taken the time to share with me how my little blog had helped them through a difficult time.


and finally, i can’t get ENOUGH of my vivitar panoramic film camera. or the brightly painted plaster walls around LA for that matter.

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