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Oct 11

on tee vee.

there are a few moments in life lately that are really surreal. like when we are apartment hunting and i catch a glance of myself in a full length mirror in some empty apartment and am shocked by how big my belly is. or i’ll be outside admiring the pink flowers on all the trees (fall in LA is like a second spring) and thinking about how on earth i got to be standing on this patch of the planet. i could have landed anywhere, yet here i am, in los feliz california wearing a tank top in october and admiring pink flowers against a blue sky.

yesterday morning i experienced another one of those surreal moments. dev and i woke up before 8 to watch the first ever soulpancake episode debut on national television. so, there we were sitting on a blanket on the floor with our TV propped up on a foot stool (remember how we’re ‘in between’ homes?) and dev’s music starts playing as the theme music for the entire Super Soul Sunday block. it’s the first time dev’s music has been used in this kind of capacity and i’m so proud of him for seizing this opportunity. i remember countless nights of listening to the same bar of music being played over. and over. and over again as he perfected it. anyone who meets us might, at first glance, think i’m the control freak in this duo. but get to know dev in a work capacity and he out-perfects all of us. if it’s not exactly-how-it-is-supposed-to-be, then it’s not right. what i would let pass at 90%, with the argument that no one is really going to notice, is no where NEAR what dev is willing to let slide. which means that when he puts something into the world he has literally poured hours of his life into it. and the reason it is so good is because of those countless hours. not a fluke. not just innate talent. it’s really hard work. all with the ‘support’ of me, his wife, yelling from the bedroom “i don’t understand?!! that sounds EXACTLY the same as it did two hours ago”.

so we sat through the interview and doco about the man who ‘sees’ angels & demons, and then in the final 5 minutes of the three hour block oprah introduced soulpancake. i realize that the world seems to be divided into two camps when it comes to oprah. there are the masses that love her, have grown up on her and are huge fans. and then there are the grumbly oprah haters. i have always fit squarely in camp one. i often came home from school and watched oprah and looking back, i think she was a great example to me of a strong woman who was fulfilling her purpose while staying genuine and sincere to who she was. she had guts. she faced crisis bravely. she didn’t pretend she was perfect and moreover, ‘service’ seems to be a central focus in her life she. i appreciated her conviction, her sense of humor and the way she tried to empower others. i didn’t religiously watch every show, or buy (or agree) with all her book club choices, but she is someone i have a huge amount of respect for. so yeah, hearing her talk about soulpancake was awesome on many levels.

dev sat side by side watching our segment and then stared at each other incredulously when it was all over. we both know firsthand how much work has gone into this project, and not just on our parts, but so many other people who have poured hours of dedication, belief and passion into these episodes. the soulpancake team is made up of a an ever-growing, expanding group of individuals. and it wouldn’t exist without this diverse collaboration of minds and energies. we’re so excited to be part of this team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

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8 comments on “on tee vee.”

  1. Kimberlee Says:

    Oh, gosh. I feel slightly embarrassed (but not really) that I just watched that and got teary eyed. A moment of calm is such a powerful feeling. The woman who layed down and closed her eyes was so touching. Or, maybe I’m crazy and emotional–either way, amazing.

  2. Mallory Says:

    i watched the episode after you linked to it on twitter, and found myself wanting to be in that zen den very badly. in spite of the fact that i basically exist in a permanent woodsy zen den right now. but i’m so used to the maine sort of zen, that it’s not even that calming anymore. at times. if that makes sense. mostly because i’m sick of maine and want to move? maybe. anyway! you guys did an amazing job with the episode and i can’t wait to see more. i’m so jealous of your job, golriz! you’re a lucky lady.

    also – the stack of tv’s at the beginning reminded me of your wedding video & the stack of tv’s that you guys used as decoration.

  3. Courtney Says:

    LOVE IT!!! When’s it airing in New Zealand?

  4. It's Carmen Says:

    Hehe. I love Oprah too! I used to come home every day from middle school and watch it at 4 p.m. I very much enjoyed your first SoulPancake segment! Zen Den is a wonderful idea. Here’s to many happy times ahead for both of you! :]

  5. Mullica Says:

    Ugh you guys inspire me so much. I love the passion, the hard work, the attention to detail. You guys are my idols. I hope there’s more of you out there.

  6. felicita Says:

    good times! this looks like it should be implemented in every major city!

  7. Kimia Kline Says:

    booooo india. i cant watch it here.

  8. Nina Says:

    AWESOME!!! I wish I could hear Dev’s music for the whole Soul Sunday experience! That is so cool. I love it that you guys do so much of your own music for everything. So super. I hope you get time to do heaps more as this thing develops and grows! xx

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