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Dec 10

on waking.

the past few weeks it’s rare that my morning doesn’t consist of leaping out of bed and jumping into action. in fact, i became really familiar with 4am last week during the SoulPancake shoot. and you know what? i’m still not a fan.

but this morning is different. there’s no meeting. no early morning task that needs my attention. so i laid still and i observed. i distilled every sound and tried to imagine what it was. a cutlery drawer opening as devon pulled out a teaspoon. i heard him shuffle through the mugs to find the perfect one for our morning coffees. i hear a car door shut and the rumble of a truck. birds singing. and a helicopter.

and in those moments i’m awed by how thankful i am to be here. to be healthy. to wake up in a place that’s cozy and safe.

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