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Nov 11

on what not to youtube.

1. anything involving spiders
2. anything involving wounds, infection, pimples, parasites
3. childbirth

for some reason, i lost all sense and sensibility last night and decided to end my run of watching cute kittens on youtube, by watching a few live births. you know…as you do, at 11pm, when you’ve lost your mind and you’re unchaperoned.

but before we get into that, here is the cutest cat/kitten video ever. if this video doesn’t cause you to audibly ‘aw’, then you need a hug. or several. maybe from this cat.

ok, so live births on youtube. well. let’s just say i now have a greater sense of fear and panic and overall concern about this whole process than i did before. i should have stuck to happily reading ina may’s guide to natural childbirth, but no, i decided to further educate myself. and now i’m rather traumatized. and even though i saw numerous births i still don’t quite understand how this is supposed to happen to me. me, the person who needs to take deep breaths during a DENTAL CLEANING let alone an 8 pound human exiting my body. one of the videos even had a soundtrack of thunder and rain which made the whole thing really ominous and horror movie-esque. why?!

but then i skyped with evbeff and she helped make everything better by showing me videos of cute dogs, and advising me to write a list of all the things i needed to do, including taking birthing classes. so this morning i was in a list writing frenzy. and that made me feel like i had some semblance of control. and then i called birth instructors in our area and all of their classes are SOLD out. little did i know that the bradley birthing method classes are 12 weeks long and since i only have 14 weeks left, i am a little late on the game. and so then i felt overwhelmed again. finally, i found one woman in our area who has been instructing for over 25 years and she was patient and kind and reassuring and told me that somehow she’d fit me into her class – and give me private classes for the ones i’d missed. whew.

now we are on the hunt for the right birthing center / hospital…and dare i say it, we are even considering a home birth with a midwife. i know that when it comes to the birth process people seem to have very firm and resolute ideas about how and where it should happen, and i’m doing my best to filter in all the info and not get guilted out by one camp or another. it’s the same with using pain meds, getting induced and even diapers. when it comes to babies everyone has an opinion and i get the sense that there isn’t really a true right/wrong, it’s basically about trusting your intuition and doing what feels right to you. and right now, what feels right to me is NEVER WATCHING LIVE BIRTHS ON YOUTUBE AGAIN.

and in completely unrelated news, our new habitat needs this couch:

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5 comments on “on what not to youtube.”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    If you are considering a Birth Center birth, may I suggest:

    It’s the American Association of Birth Centers. It’s a great listing of centers all over the US.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Laura Says:

    I have been reading your blog since Etsy :) I had a homebirth with my 2nd baby and it was wonderful. Do what feels right in your heart. p.s. don’t compare your ability to birth to your ability to brave the dentist. Our bodies are made to birth babies, as crazy as it seems. And it is pain with a purpose–the most wonderful purpose there is!

  3. Mary Says:

    I actually had this conversation with a hypnotherapist (I’m not pregnant, oddly enough) and she told me that society dictate that we should be in pain and even fear childbirth, when our bodies were made for it. Women in underdeveloped nations are able to give birth and return to work and life later that day. NOT to sway you toward any camp, because doing it however you are comfortable is important, but hypnotherapy is an incredible experience, especially when you are addressing fear or pain. Hypnosis can help address nervousness and fear, and prevent unnecessary pain. Good luck!

  4. Nina Says:

    I’m scared to click on any of those links in case they are all tricks and link to graphic videos of childbirth!

  5. sheda Says:

    hahahaha i totally know how you feel! but oddly when you’re IN it, it really doesn’t seem that bad. you’re not watching yourself giving birth after all, so somehow it’s not as scary :)

    re what mary said – i did a hypnobirthing course and read the book and did all the practice… and i also strongly believe in what they say. if you want a few other birthing videos to see women who basically look like they’re just taking a nap while going through labour – youtube hypnobirthing birth (or something – i have to admit i actually avoid youtube but a friend said she watched some on there).

    and i TOTALLY agree with going with your intuition. make a birthing plan but also be ready for it to be changed a little. labour was the first time i was taught the humble lesson that you can make all the plans you want with a baby / child, but in the end, they will decide what they want to do! :)

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