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Apr 11

one wonderful year.

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over the course of the year i’ve been greeted with the most amazing coffee cup love notes. i’ve started documenting them – mostly for our future children. warning: if you are cynical, bitter, cold-hearted and/or anti-love, clicking on this link may cause severe eye-rollage. your eyes might actually fall out of your head, and roll under your bed and then you will not be able to see. consider yourselves warned.

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8 comments on “one wonderful year.”

  1. Megan Says:

    Such a lovely post. Congrats on your year together as married folk. Your coffee cup notes should warm the heart of any cynic. Love love lovely!!! x

  2. Mullica Says:

    Congrats! You guys are wonderful! You’re my inspiration for what love can be like. I hope me and my boyfriend Darcy can be like you guys one day.

  3. Jesse Nance Says:

    I’ve been thinking about you yesterday and today. Yesterday marked one year from the time I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and started reading this blog (and changing my life). And today, of course I remember as one of the most special days of your and dev’s lives. I’m so glad you two have found such happiness and can then act as lights to this world that is so often in darkness. Keep shining.

    Love from Cookeville, TN

  4. celestina Says:

    This is just way too awesome! Devon is such a warm soul! you are one lucky girl!!! love is most amazing…

  5. Glauco Says:

    Hey, congrats…
    you guys are the coolest couple ever….

    ROCK ON!

  6. julie Says:

    you guys are just so great. your wedding video on etsy brought me here a year ago, and i’m so glad it did. :)

  7. golriz Says:

    aw. you guys are all so sweet. if i could write a coffee cup love note to tell you all how much your comments always make my day, i would.


  8. mai-ling Says:

    happy (belated) anniversary!
    love the photos and the infamous yellow headband.

    (i’m playing catch up on several blogs)

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