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Jul 11

our (mis)adventures.

good news: my hard drive has been recovered/restored/revived. so now i have photographs of our adventures and i can share some of the highlights, which were actually more like low lights (at the time). but the thing is you don’t want to hear about the perfect white sandy beaches, the glistening waves, the abundance of amazing food, the $6 an hour massages, the exotic temples etc. because what you actually want to hear about is:

1. the time that we mistook a brothel for a massage parlor.

2. the time that dev stood on a sea urchin and was injected with poison.

3. the time we all ate at a restaurant called ‘happy pizza’ which resulted in a 48 hour psychadelic mushroom trip.

4. the time (as in all the time) when i had to be the organized-holder-of-the-passports and stand up to scary customs officials intent on bribing us as we tried to enter cambodia.

5. the time when one of our group got dengue fever and sweated violently for 4 days straight on an island where the only mode of transportation to the hospital was a wheelbarrow to the port where you may, or may not, find a boat willing to take you on the choppy 3 hour journey to the mainland.

you might think i’m exaggerating, but no.

so over the next few days i’ll try to recount some of the details of these ‘experiences’. i’m sure my mum will be justifiably concerned/horrified but the good news is we are all back, safe and sound – although alan has acquired a parasite, and dev is convinced he’s suffering from whooping cough, but besides those ailments, we are all doing really well. and i still have a great tan.

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4 comments on “our (mis)adventures.”

  1. Mallory Says:

    that list makes me wish someone had documented your journey on video. reality tv style. GOOD reality tv style.

  2. Lea Ciceraro Says:

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea your trip was so… so… EVENTFUL? :) I’ve been wanting to get out and travel, but now I’m slightly terrified! LOL. Glad you all made it back in one piece. :) And ditto to the above comment!

  3. Calla Says:

    I’m so happy our paths crossed. I love your blog and can’t wait to hear more about adventuretimes.

  4. Patsy Says:

    Tochudown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

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