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Mar 11

overly accesible dot com. and the first ever cozyhunter giveaway!

i needed to write a bio statement today for a site that i’m going to be joining as a contributing writer/photographer and after many attempts, drafts, and efforts to be witty in bite-sized, tasty morsels. i realized two things:

1. i really don’t like writing bios.
2. this sums me up:

i tweet. i tumblr. i flickr. i VYou. i pinterest. i blog. i work for SoulPancake.

actually, i just realized a third thing:

3. my bio sounds like i spend too much time in cyberspace. uh oh.


in other news, i’ve decided to do something never-done-before on my blog: launch a giveaway!

in recent weeks, i’ve been approached by a few musicians, authors and artists who have very sweetly asked if they could use my blog as a platform to promote their work and/or host giveaways. i was hesitant at first, but the more i thought about it, the more i realized that i really enjoy using my blog as a space to promote creative ventures, and if doing this prompts me to share even more awesomely creative and talented people (and their products) with the world, then that’s a win/win.

i plan on starting with sporadic giveaways and perhaps building up to a consistent giveaway once-a-week. so, to kick off the party, i’m going to give away something that all of you regular visitors to my blog have heard a lot about, and something that i had a little hand in creating – the SoulPancake book.

here are some spreads from the insides:

AND i’m going to make it easy peasy to win a copy. simply leave a comment on this post telling me about an artist you think we should consider featuring in SoulPancke’s next book. on wednesday at 12pm PST, i’ll select a commenter at random and he/she will be mailed a copy of the SoulPancake book.

on your marks, get set, go. :)

ps. if you’d like me to consider hosting a giveaway for one of your creations please email me at:
golrizlucina (at)

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34 comments on “overly accesible dot com. and the first ever cozyhunter giveaway!”

  1. jenny b Says:

    FUN! Long time reader, but first time commenter :)

    Please consider featuring Camilla Engman in the next Soul Pancake book.

  2. Clorisa Says:

    jenny holzer :D

  3. Philip Ellis Says:

    Hey, this giveaway looks great!

    I think the style of The Mighty Boosh would really suit the next SoulPancake book – they’re a comedy duo who produce the most fantastic and surreal artwork.

  4. cara ranieri Says:

    michael DaVid Elvestrom is definitely worthy!

  5. mona Says:

    james mollison and his amazing documentary on “where children sleep” (

  6. Gabe Says:

    There’s so many to name.
    But I’d definitely would love to see:
    Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab For Cutie
    Dallas Green, of City and Colour
    Tegan and Sara
    Sam Beam, of Iron & Wine
    and Fleet Foxes.

  7. Jeff Says:

    The awesome Chris Piascik gets my vote.

  8. Kimberlee Says:

    So great!! I don’t even know what to add to the next book; I’m already mind-blown!

  9. Leslie Parker Says:

    Given the premise behind SoulPancake, I think it would be very interesting to either get with high school art programs or art colleges, and present a question/title, and let them create something based upon that. So, not, an artist, per se, but a community of artists.

  10. aleida perez Says:


    please give the soulpancake book 2 me because i gave mine to micheal & sylvie as a afther-wedding gift, and i still have to go get myself a new one here in rotterdam / the netherlands / europe !!!!!!!!

    and i think micheal shoul be in yr next book: he is a designer who made sunpannels in the shape of flowers!!!!

  11. Lydia Says:

    Yusef Alahmad.

    Incredible, incredible graphic designer … YOUNG & FRESH.

    Lives in the Washington DC area!

    Very impressive portfolio.

  12. erica Says:

    My vote goes for Takiyaje:
    Her X-files homage dolls are too cool to ignore them:

  13. melissa Says:

    mark bradford!

  14. Angel Says:

    I already have the first SoulPancake book! But I’d like to nominate the very talented David Imlay. He’s a local painter and illustrator here in SF.


  15. Lua D. Says:
    Travis Louie

    Or The Black Keys because they have funk!

  16. Caitlin Says:

    Photographer Sean Stewart.

  17. Lisa Says:

    Camilla Engman please :)

  18. bahiehk Says:

    awesome!!! you should consider Connie von Kitzing and her awesome illustrations:


  19. Inee Ader Says:

    Hey ‘Riz!
    my all-time favorite artist is Yoshitaka Amano.
    AMAZING art work, just do a google image search.

  20. Mary Says:

    Howard Schatz… underwater photography is my fave!

  21. karen Says:

    dear creative soul,

    i would LOVE to see photographer Kevin Thom featured in SoulPancake’s next book.

    here is his website:


  22. angelina sorokin Says:

    hello there!
    i think you should feature the photography of
    easy dreamer photography


  23. amber Says:

    I would love to see Paulo Coelho featured in the next Soul Pancake book. His novels inspire me to look inside myself and ask myself Life’s Big Questions.

  24. Alsion Says:


  25. Seth Says:

    Autumn Wilde, Leslie Simon, and Ryan Russell.

  26. Tara Says:

    let it be noted that the fact that you get 26 comments on your blog is kinda…. awesome.

    i like stellah the wonderful (aka kristina griffith). last time i checked, she lived in seattle, but this may or may not be true at this point.

    fb page:

  27. Ashley Says:

    I am going to randomly choose Invader because spotting his tiny takes on awesome retro street art always make me smile.

    Or maybe She’s an incredibly talented illustrator trying to break into the tattoo world. And a lovely person :)

  28. Mook Says:

    Very cool! I don’t know any artists personally but I would like to see Harvest Creative featured in your book. They are all artists and do some fantastic work. check out their interactive website.

  29. Sonia Says:

    Hi hi!

    When imfreelykeely was doing her 365 I was completely, utterly and irrevocably obsessed with it. She doesn’t post pictures very often anymore (sadface) but watching her progression & explorations was AWESOME. Bokeh, whaaaat?! Amazingly creative / brave self-portraits. In any case, she is my recommendation. Check her here :

  30. Santa Says:

    This is a wonderful idea :)
    I like the works of Fréya Eté , Franchesca Jarbusova, her work can be seen in one of the most beautiful animated films I know “Hedgehog in the fog” (In Latvian “Ezītis miglā”)

  31. Kayla Says:

    So exciting! I love giveaways. :)

    Kyle Dyer (also my boyfriend) just graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and his artistic style is fun, unique and nostalgic. Here is his website :)

  32. minthe Says:

    uuh, ja, I have one hint:

  33. Joy Xiang Says:

    Alyssa Monks, an awesome photorealist painter!

  34. Jesse Nance Says:

    also a long-time reader and first-time commenter! i would love a copy of the book (as i also gave mine away to my best friend and all the bookstores have it on back order), and i will suggest one of my favorite artists (and a good friend of yours) Rachael Price. that girl got Soul(pancake…)!

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