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Apr 11

per request.


ever since i left blogspot around 2 years ago, a few of trusty cozyhunter readers have informed me that they frustrated that they can’t get my blog updates on their little google blogspot reader-bot updater thingee. (er. can you tell i’m not the tech head in this family?)

so. to appease the people that like following their blogs in one place, i’ve joined bloglovin. i think this means that if you have a bloglovin account you can follow my blog and all the other blogs you like to peruse. and your life will be oh so neat and tidy.

so have at it. clicking this will take you to bloglovin.


i’m a big fan of the archaic foot warming device known as the hot water bottle. i know there are other options – like electric blankets or heating pads, or turning on the heat in your apartment instead of turning on the oven and hoping it will heat the place (that’s another blog post). but my feet warmer of choice has always been the trusty ‘hottie’.  maybe it’s a new zealand thing.

when we were kids we only had one hot water bottle in the house. i don’t know why. i mean it’s not exactly a luxury item, but, oh yeah wait – that’s right, meet my parents: frugaldore and frugaldee. so my dear mother would instead fill empty plastic bottles (like 2 liter coke and 7Up bottles) with hot tap water, and then wrap them in sweaters and lo and behold: homemade hot water bottles were created.

albeit frugal, and ‘upcycled’, there were several problems with this solution. sometimes the water was too hot for the plastic causing the plastic to morph and twist and then the bottle cap wouldn’t fit on. the other problem was that if the cap wasn’t put on tightly, the water would leak out and you’d wake up in the middle of the night wet feet. wet feet in bed is worse than cold feet in bed. and finally, in the mornings the once-warm bottle was now cold. there is nothing much less appealing than waking up with a cold bottle of water pressed against your back.

you’d think that with all the cons outweighing the pros, i would have learned a lesson. you’d think that i would head to the store and buy a $5 hot water bottle and we’d all live happily ever after. but no. i am my parent’s child after all. so for the past 4 months of LA’s winter (and yes, i know LA winter is an oxymoron but keep in mind we live in an apartment that we heat by turning on the OVEN) i have been filling up plastic bottles (1 gallon new zealand artesian water bottles from trader joes to be specific) with hot water and using them as hot.water.bottles.

for our anniversary dev surprised me with a hot water bottle cozy from the fromtofrom etsy store. not only is the cover made of fleece and shaped like a creature, it also includes a pocket with a little heart in it. OH and real hot water bottle inside! we’ve named him ‘mottle’.

this is what happens kids. when you get old and married and weird. you get excited about hot water bottle cozies. so excited in fact, that you NAME them. oh geez.

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  1. Hannah Says:

    Your frugal Mum sound hilarious – now that is kiwi ingenuity! Hot water bottles are so good – thanks for the reminder about them. I’m definitely going to get one for the coming Winter downunder.

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