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Mar 11

pet pods and womb rooms.

i really want a dog. but you know the drill, our landlord has made it explicitly clear: no pets, no plants, no heels. (insert eye roll).

so for now i just admire other people’s pets, and plants, and when i wear heels – i tiptoe.

today i spied these pods for pets and my brain did cartwheels because of how beautifully FORM meets FUNCTION. so minimal, and oh so cozy.

i am sure if they made human sized pods, dev would demand we got one as a bed. it’s like a womb room.

WHICH REMINDS ME – have i ever told you about my experience in a womb room? no, i don’t mean the actual womb. i am not one of those… people (note how i purposefully didn’t insert an adjective like say ‘crazy’ or ‘wacko’ because i don’t want to ruffle anyone’s womb memory feathers) that remembers things like that. i honestly can’t remember what i had for dinner last night, so the likelihood of remembering my days pre-birth is about as likely as lady gaga deciding not to make a spectacle of herself at an awards show. i.e.

where was i? OH so a few years ago my friend bita asked me to the producer on her documentary film and together with two other intrepid adventurers we went to pakistan and india for what felt like a year, but was actually only a 7 weeks. being renegade filmmakers in those countries was hard, dirty, challenging, and dangerous but above all of that, it was incredible and such an eye-opening experience for me. everyone needs an arsenal of those experiences to pull out when your future child tells you they want to get a lip ring and you are trying to prove that once you too, were wild, young and crazy and didn’t consider CONSEQUENCES.

anyway, after several weeks of constantly having a layer of india on our skin from our daily wayfaring in rickshaws, we were craving cleanliness. we needed hot showers and we dreamed of soap. so we did what any self-respecting amateur filmmakers with no budget would do, we cast off our Salwar Kameej and
dressed up in our finest jeans complete with tank tops and over-sized sunglasses and convinced a 5 star spa in delhi that we were filmmakers from the states doing a series on the hottest spa’s in the world. we might have even dropped in the reference MTV. was this a lie? yes. am i proud of lying? no. did i care at the time? NO. that’s what desperation does to you kids. take note.

so the spa went over and beyond to show us a good time. they gave bita, the ‘host’ of the show, all these luxurious treatments and allowed ‘the crew’ (us) to spend a day in their glorious pool. it was heavenly.

and this is the place where i get to the point of my story – one of the special treatments was an hour in the womb room. this room was a dimly lit, red, cavernous room. i am pretty sure the walls were tufted red velvet and the ceiling shaped like a dome. in the middle of the room was a pod – much like the pet pods above, or if you’re feeling morbid – a coffin. supposedly one hour of sleep in the womb room has the same health and restorative benefits as 24 hours of sleep. why? because it emulates the womb.

in conclusion, i need a womb room. i think we all do.

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2 comments on “pet pods and womb rooms.”

  1. Q Says:

    me too. i want a dog. not any dog, i want this dog:

    and i think his name will be winston churchill.

    yes please.

  2. golriz Says:

    good call Q. i want to hug winston and never let go.

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