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Apr 11


johan rosenmunthe takes images of people he knows, pixellates them and places them in various settings, creating these unusual and quite fascinating photographs. why? well – i’m not quite sure. i read some interviews and what i took away was that it’s an exploration/deliberation on how we live in an overly-digitized world. and how we are neither here nor there. something about the unreliability of our physicality?! i might be making stuff up now. but the thesis is something along these lines. here’s an extract from rosenmunthe’s statement about the project:

In ’Off’ the persons are only visible through a digital representation, while the surroundings are as analog as possible. These pixelated persons are isolated from the rest of the world and often find themselves in foggy, strange milieus.


in other news, know i’m a bit of nerd, but i think these pixel oven mitts are pretty great:

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