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Mar 11

presenting you with a terribly rushed blog post.

yesterday i spent most of the day with my friend layli who i haven’t seen in about a decade. it’s kind of crazy that 10 years have passed and so much has happened in both of our lives and yet our conversation mostly revolved around the present. the now. the adventures we are currently embarking on, the goals we are striving towards, the ideas about what we want to offer the world. in between climbing mount hollywood, eating vietnamese noodle salad and drinking excellent coffee we had really great conversation and this morning i woke up feeling so thankful to have strong, fearless, female co-conspirators in the world who i align with creatively and share a common bond of purpose. you know who you are. and i salute you. and i also want to gather you all together in one awesome lodge in the middle of the giant redwood forrest and have a retreat. hippie style.

it will happen. mark my words.


my friend’s little boy is SO freaking happy in the sun. he’s my hero today. and he’s a great reminder to find your patch of sun. maybe it’s not a patch of sun for you though. maybe it’s listening to radiohead in an ambiently lit room with your best friend by your side holding hands. maybe it is on the beach at dawn watching the waves do their thing while you sip 4 espresso shots worth of coffee. maybe it is being cozy on a couch with a blanket and the book you’ve always wanted the time to read. maybe it’s saying prayers with your 3 year old as you’re tucking them into bed. whatever it looks like, i think there is such power in finding what makes you happy and creating the space in your life to do it. this little guy can be your hero too.

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2 comments on “presenting you with a terribly rushed blog post.”

  1. layli Says:

    love you gol!!! best day in a long time! inspired and happy. we are SOOOOO going to do the hippie thing in the redwoods. we have to. it’ll be perfect and just like we always dreamed. thanks for the post, yertotallyradd.

  2. Mook Says:

    I really like that. Thank you.

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