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May 10

press & polaroids & pawpaw. actually nothing about pawpaw, i just like alliteration.

i promised lash-cakes i would spread the word. so i did. and as a result our wedding has (so far) been featured on FOUR lovely wedding sites…and even now, over a month later i’m getting requests from other sites wanting to publish photos and info about our day. these requests make me smile because they always ask the same question: how ON EARTH did make this happen with only 2 months preparation? to which i respond: my friends & family are rockstars.

so in no apparent order, below are the sites where we’ve been featured to date:


diy bride

style me pretty and again here.

ashely’s bride guide

there is one element to our wedding that we haven’t yet shared with the whole wide interwebs yet. and that is our polaroids. we proabably have oh, about 200 of them. and holy moly, they are delicious. you know that you’ve got the best photographer in the world when he rocks up with a two different types of polaroid cameras. ry also helped me piece together my GOLD holgaroid so she made her grand debut also.

also – back when polaroid film was becoming extinct, i decided to buy 20 packs of it. i found them on craigslist and met some woman in some dodgy gas station. i handed her cash. she gave me an armload of polaroid film that was recently expired. even though i was newly-heartbroken with no romantic pursuit in sight, i knew i wanted polaroids at my wedding.

so i kept them. carefully stored them in the refrigerator until april 3. 2010. and then handed my little sister my vintage polaroid camera (a zillion thank yous to mona) and anisa captured our day beautifully with them.

but until the SP manuscript is in hyperion’s hands, i’m not going to be able to get scan-happy so they are going on the list of to-do’s. along with the thank you notes we need to send. and showering.

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