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Sep 10


it was another hot day in LA. i know dev and i missed the several day 100 degree heatwave of 2010, but today was still a scorcher. and in our AC-less apartment it felt… melty. and on the list of feelings i dislike, along with clammy, is melty.

we worked all day, catching up on all things SoulPancake that we had put on hiatus while we were in tennessee. we blasted the fan while we worked but all that did was annoy us by blowing hot air in our general direction. oh and we both have head colds. so we’re stuffy and one of us (as in: I) might have been just a tad irritable.

anyway. it was a long day full of long meetings. so many exciting things are happening in SP land. not least of which is our book that publishes in 4 weeks! so we got caught up and in between conference calls i made 17 bean soup. not 7, but 17. who even knew that there were 17 beans to make soup with? trader joes. that’s who.

and then, because of all the soup making, hard work and hot air, i hit a wall of exhaustion. and at that precise moment i saw something falling from the sky.

my first thought was maybe it was ash from a nearby fire, or asteroid dust, or i’m hallucinating spots.

i didn’t consider rain. why? because it never rains in LA. (well they tell me it does, but i’ve been here since june and i’ve seen nary a drop.)

but it WAS rain. a few big drops gently hitting the ground. and so i exclaimed: RAIN! and that got dev’s attention. in the same way it would get your attention if i pointed outside and said UNICORNS! because rain is so mythical in LA.

and we ran outside and we saw this majestical sky. and these two brilliant rainbows.

you’d have a hard time convincing me that dev’s granny didn’t have a hand in arranging this.

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6 comments on “rainbows.”

  1. Sholeh Says:

    double. rainbow. :-D Gorgeous.

  2. Holly Says:

    It’s amazing to hear that it’s actually warm somewhere. I’m in Alaska and it snowed lightly yesterday (not enough to stick, but still). Brrr!

    I love the rainbows! Definitely Granny wishing you and Devon well.

  3. Gracia Says:

    I wouldn’t dare trying to convince you.

  4. Ashley Says:

    Double Rainbow?? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? hee :)

  5. aleisha Says:

    I found out about your blog through your handmade wedding article at etsy. And I was very very VERY curious to where you found your blue wedding shoes.

    I’d really appreciate an answer cause I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to find a pair.

  6. golriz Says:

    hi aleisha! my blue shoes were purchased from Office in the UK: i did purchase them back in march, so they may now be out of stock. good luck!

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