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// she's only happy in the sun.
Oct 11


while other parts of the country have already gotten into the full swing of fall, LA seemed to have missed the memo. with blue skies and an obstinate sun, i was beginning to get irritated. and then today i woke up to RAIN. and not just a 5 minute splattering, but a real downpour.


and instead of sitting inside, cozy with a cup of decaf (the things we do to protect heirloom tomato sized babes), i decided it was time to test out LA’s public transport.

in the rain.

keep in mind that the belongings i packed for our temporary stay at my uncle’s house are sparse to say the least. we currently have lavender hand soap wearing many hats as it functions as body wash, shampoo and conditioner. our bed is made up of a slab of memory foam on the floor and dev can’t find any of his yellow headbands so you know things are rough. also, my uncle’s guest house is just an empty house, it doesn’t have kitchenware, or appliances, or furniture. all this to say, i certainly don’t have access to rain gear – no umbrella, no real jacket, and only one pair of shoes – which are made entirely of cloth.

and yet i faced all this unpreparedness in the face, and decided that today i’d get a bus to old town pasadena. why? because i wanted to go shopping for more maternity leggings. why the urgency? because i risk wearing a hole in the one pair i keep rocking.

my iPhone told me that the bus stop was a mere 7 minute walk away. how convenient. so off i went. and within moments i was soaked. not just damp, i’m talking water-trickling-off-the-end-of-my-nose-wet. and yet this didn’t deter me. i kept walking, hugging my bag/phone closer to my chest, determined to get to the bus stop. i felt a bit like a fugitive with a deadline. all around me people in their cars whooshed by warm and safe. but not me, the pregnant fugitive, i was walking dammit. the only other person i encountered on the street was a homeless man. who somehow looked more dry than i was. in fact, i’d venture to say that he looked at me with sympathy.

i kept marching. my toms squelching with each step and the ankles of my leggings sagging and waterlogged.

and as i approached the bus stop i realized that i didn’t have any cash. and then i panicked. i have NO idea what currency LA buses take. it could be a token system for all i know. there wasn’t an ATM in sight and i don’t know if it’s just naivety or stupidity but i convinced myself that i could get on the bus and if they didn’t take cards, i’d just explain i didn’t have cash and i’d still get a ride. my faith in humanity is obviously still intact.

and as i made this decision and geared up to cross the large intersection to get to the bus stop, THE BUS PULLED UP. and there was no time to run, and there was nothing i could do. it picked up the other passengers and callously drove off. leaving me stranded on the other side of the street. a wet-footed heap of disappointment.

and so i turned around and i trudged home. i gave up jumping over the puddles and just waded through the gutters. i thought about how much i had longed for rain. and how the novelty had already started to wear off.

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  1. Sholeh Says:

    oh man, this post made me want to give you a hug. At least you’ll have good stories to tell your little one someday? :-P

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